Ex-SMAP Nakai Masahiro’s Twitter page is enthusiastically responded to by “Quit Janis”… The surprising reason why ex-Janis love him. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ex-SMAP Nakai Masahiro’s Twitter page is enthusiastically responded to by “Quit Janis”… The surprising reason why ex-Janis love him.

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On April 1, the official Twitter account of “Nobirinakai Inc.”, a private office established by former SMAP member Masahiro Nakai, was opened. Some tweets claiming to be from Nakai himself, and the accounts of Ken Miyake, who is leaving Johnny’s as of May 2, as well as those of Hideaki Takizawa and Tomohisa Yamashita, former junior staff members, responded with “likes. Yamashita, in particular, revealed that he and Nakai are still in communication, to the surprise of his fans.

The account under the name “Noboribi Nakai Tottttttttee” posted the following message at 7:00 a.m. on April 1: “It’s Nakai. It’s the person himself. I’m not sure, but it looks like it’s going to start. You don’t have to strain so much to see it. Please take care of me” (original text). Yamashita, who quit Johnny’s at the end of October ’20, and Hideaki Takizawa (then vice president of Johnny’s), who left the office on October 31 last year, “liked” the tweet.

Yamashita and Hideaki Takizawa (then vice president of Johnny’s Office), who left the office suddenly on October 31, 2008, also wrote “Like” in the same letter. However, as he has said on TV programs, Nakai is an “ultra-analogist. Therefore, even his fans on Twitter questioned whether it was a real account or not.

On April 2, Yamashita quoted Nakai’s tweet and said, “This is real ^ ^ I have to follow you. He added, “He always sends me warm messages. I’m always getting warm emails from him. Please don’t be jealous of me, Nakai-san fans,” and he appealed that he and Nakai were good friends who exchanged emails. This made fans laugh,

Nakai-kun and Yamapu are e-mailing each other! They have a wonderful relationship.
Nakai-kun and Yamapu may not seem to have much contact with each other, but they are connected in ways we can’t see.

I was shocked. However, it seems that Nakai has a “compassionate” side to him to begin with. According to an article in the April 30, 2007 issue of “Flash” (published by Kobunsha), he once wrote a letter to Mizuki Sano (former Johnny’s Jr.) and former TOKIO member Tatsuya Yamaguchi.

At the time, the magazine’s editorial department caught up with Nakai at a dinner meeting with the co-stars of the variety show “Nakai-kun Decide! (TBS), for which Nakai was the MC. While discussing love with TBS announcer Ai Eto, Nakai said, “Why don’t you write a letter? I write quite a lot. The other day, I wrote a letter to Sano because he left the company. I also wrote to Yamaguchi.

Sano left Johnny’s on December 31, 2006. Meanwhile, Yamaguchi was found to have committed an indecent assault on a high school girl in ’18 (the case was later dropped), and Johnny’s side announced the termination of his contract on May 6 of the same year. Sano, who had been acting privately, is a veteran of the company, having joined in ’91, and had worked as a back-up dancer for SMAP when he was a youngster. Sano and Yamaguchi, who had once stood on the same stage with him, had left the office, and Nakai must have expressed his feelings in a single note.

Later, Nakai himself left the office at the end of March ’20. Although the timing and reasons for leaving the office were different, Nakai may have been concerned about Yamashita, who left in the fall of the same year, and may have sent him an e-mail as well.

Former V6 member Miyake, who will leave the office in May, is also one of Nakai’s admirers; he mentioned Nakai many times on his radio show “Ken Miyake’s Radio” (bayfm), which aired until March, and liked Nakai’s tweets. Nakai, who is still active after leaving the group, may become a kind of stronghold for the “ex-jani.

He also appeared in “The! Sekai Ohten News” (NTV, March 28) with Sho Sakurai of Arashi, and Snow Man will appear on “Masahiro Nakai’s Friday Smile Tatsu” (TBS) on April 14. He is one of the rare ex-Johnny’s who can perform with the current Johnny’s without any change,” said a reporter from a sports newspaper.

I hope that he will continue to be a role model for his juniors.

Nakai is said to be adored by former Johnny’s.
Masahiro Nakai’s first post on Twitter. There was a tremendous response.
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