Taylor Swift’s 6-year love affair comes to an end, but “ex-boyfriend-related songs” are surging in streaming, a “rare phenomenon. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Taylor Swift’s 6-year love affair comes to an end, but “ex-boyfriend-related songs” are surging in streaming, a “rare phenomenon.

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Six-Year Love Reportedly Broke Up Taylor Swift

US singer-songwriter Taylor Swift and British actor Joe Alwyn have ended their six-year relationship. The U.S. entertainment media has all reported on the sudden breakup of the big couple, who had also been rumored to be engaged.

In the meantime, streaming of Swift’s music has skyrocketed. TMZ reports that fans are focusing their attention on Alwyn-related songs.

According to the “Spotify Swiftie” tally, streaming of several songs from Swift’s past albums has increased significantly. They are all songs rumored to be related to her ex-boyfriend Alwyn, who broke up with her, and are said to be 11 songs produced during the time she was dating Alwyn.

The song with the largest increase is “Cornelia Street” from the album “Lover” (’19), which increased by 106%. In that song, lyrics such as “I can never walk down Cornelia Street again” allude to Alwyn. It is said that the two actually shared a house on Cornelia Street in New York City, which is mentioned in the lyrics.

In addition, the most played songs are “New Years Day,” “Peace,” and “Daylight,” which have jumped 40%, 48%, and 58%, respectively, in streaming statistics.

Alwyn collaborated on several songs on Swift’s ’20 albums Folklore and Evermore under the pseudonym William Bowery. Swift’s fans are listening to Alwyn-related songs to mourn their “breakup.

As for the cause of the breakup, a source close to the couple said

“The breakup is largely due to ‘personality differences,'” a source close to the couple told People magazine.

People magazine. The same source also said, “Joe is a big fan of Taylor’s fame,

Joe was struggling with Taylor’s fame and public attention.

The two had talked about marriage, but “Swift was taking the long view and making it work,” the source said.

“Swift didn’t think it would work out in the long run,” another source said.

(another source).

Incidentally, her core fans, known as “Swifties” in New York City, have been lamenting the breakup by laying flowers at the house where the couple is rumored to have lived. The breakup drama involving their fans must be said to be “as expected of the world’s superstars.

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