Kana Kurashina’s overwhelming aura at an early morning location in a park | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kana Kurashina’s overwhelming aura at an early morning location in a park

Eyewitness! Harikomi24 (Shinjuku, 8:45 a.m.)

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Kana Kurashina sits on a bench with Tomoya Maeno and eats her lunch, finishing the shoot in about 30 minutes and rushing off to the next location.

It’s morning in Shinjuku, where office workers come and go on their way to work. In a park near the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office, a filming location for the ongoing drama series “Kekkon Todoke ni Hattoshite Shita Desu Ga” (TBS) was being shot. Kana Kurashina (33) and Tomoya Maeno (35) were filming a scene where they were eating lunch on a bench.

“The film is a romantic comedy with Nana Kiyoyana (27), who announced her pregnancy, as the heroine and Kentaro Sakaguchi (30) as her partner. Kurashina and Maeno play the role of Sakaguchi’s brother and sister.

Before the start of filming, Kurashina and Maeno seemed to be in a friendly atmosphere, chatting happily through their face shields. After shooting this scene, Kurashina moved to Higashi Nakano Station. Sakaguchi joined her here, and the shooting began again.

Kurashina looks at property information in front of a real estate agency with a carry bag in her hand. When Sakaguchi appears and calls out to Kurashina, she is startled and runs away ……. During the waiting time, Sakaguchi talks to Kurashina and she smiles. Kurashina is a “natural beauty,” and she seems to be putting everyone at ease with her smile.

Unpublished photo of Kana Kurashina on location in a park early in the morning surrounded by extras
Unpublished photo of Kana Kurashina surrounded by extras on location in a park in the early morning.

From the November 12, 2021 issue of FRIDAY

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