Ruriko Kojima, who is reported to be studying abroad in September, “Anti-Spying Law will be revised in the summer…” Danger of “political use” by the Chinese authorities | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ruriko Kojima, who is reported to be studying abroad in September, “Anti-Spying Law will be revised in the summer…” Danger of “political use” by the Chinese authorities

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It was reported that Ruriko Kojima will study in China from September… (’19)

On April 8, “Shukan Josei PRIME” reported that TV personality Ruriko Kojima will study abroad at a prestigious university in Shanghai starting in September ’23. Kojima has not updated her Instagram or Twitter for an extended period of time, and has yet to mention it.

Kojima had announced that she was going to study at a university in China itself, but her study abroad had been put on hold due to the impact of the new Corona and the international situation in China. If he has decided to go to China, did he decide in September that he could guarantee his safety?

China’s “Zero Corona Policy” was met with a fierce public outcry, and the Xi Jinping administration eased the restrictions in response to public opinion. The Xi Jinping administration has eased the policy in response to public opinion, and Chinese people are now able to travel to Japan, and we are once again seeing Chinese “Bakuhai” (explosive shopping) in Japan.

However, Japan-China relations, including the Taiwan issue, have continued to deteriorate. In addition to violations of territorial waters around the Senkaku Islands, Chinese drones have been violating Japanese airspace on a daily basis in recent years. They are repeating quite provocative behavior,” said a reporter from a national newspaper.

In addition to the intergovernmental security issues, another issue that causes concern is the detention of Japanese nationals.

In March, a male Japanese employee of Astellas Pharma, a major pharmaceutical company, was taken into custody in Beijing. The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the Japanese employee was detained “on suspicion of engaging in espionage activities.

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs acknowledged that the Japanese national was detained “on suspicion of engaging in espionage activities.

However, the details of what kind of espionage activities he was engaged in are not known.

The Anti-Spying Law came into effect in November 2002, shortly after Xi Jinping took office. The maximum penalty is death. Last December, China announced amendments to the Anti-Spying Law, which will be passed this summer.

This is a worrisome timing for Kojima, who will be studying abroad in September.

Since 2003, 17 Japanese nationals have been detained. For example, an employee of a geological survey company was accused of stealing state secrets simply because he was conducting a survey for the development of a hot spring. Others have been found to have “exchanged illegal information” while dining with Chinese officials.

Others have been locked up in curtainless rooms for long periods of time without formal arrest procedures. Under communist dictatorships, the reason for detention is unimportant; people are taken hostage for political negotiations with Japan or simply held as harassment. The situation is even worse for Americans, with more than 200 people reportedly being detained. If Japan-China relations continue to deteriorate, it is highly likely that they will be treated as “spies” and detained more and more in the future.

The university where Kojima will study is reportedly one of the top five in Japan in terms of deviation score. She is already fluent in Chinese.

Is there any possibility that she could become a political bridge between Japan and China, a step beyond such celebrities as Noriko Sakai and Sora Aoi, who have become popular in China?

The censorship by the Chinese authorities is tremendous. You should assume that your phone calls, e-mails, and Internet access are all monitored. If Mr. Kojima is going to study at such a prestigious university, he will probably read a wide variety of materials. There is a possibility that he will be accused of making false accusations about his studies and research and be made out to be a “dangerous person.

Anyway, we hope that you will be able to spend your study abroad in peace and quiet. ……

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