Takuya Kimura’s “No. 1 High-Profile” Drama “Kyobo” Leaks from the Station: Fears of “Reputation Failure” Like Nobunaga’s Movie… | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Takuya Kimura’s “No. 1 High-Profile” Drama “Kyobo” Leaks from the Station: Fears of “Reputation Failure” Like Nobunaga’s Movie…

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Takuya Kimura stars in “Kazama Kimichika – Rinjo 0-” which will start on April 10. It has been 9 years since he starred in a “Tsuki 9” drama, but…

Kimura Takuya will star in “Kazama Kimichika – Rinjo 0-“, a Fuji Television drama series that will start on April 10. This is Takuya Kimura’s first starring role in a Gekkan drama in nine years, since the second season of “HERO” aired in 2002, and the drama has attracted a great deal of attention.

Speaking of the “Kyobo” series, it was broadcast as a special New Year’s drama for two consecutive years in 2008 and 2009. Mr. Kimura passionately played the role of Kimichika Kazama, a cold-hearted instructor at the police academy. With his white hair and artificial eye, Kimura played the role differently from the image he had in the past, and he did it well.

The first episode averaged 15% and the second one 13%, recording high ratings. The first series averaged 15%, and the second series averaged 13%.

The movie “Legend & Butterfly,” which starred Kimura and was released in January of this year, did not do well at the box office. The final figure is said to be 3.5 to 4 billion yen, but it is a big movie that Toei spent 2 billion yen to produce. ……

Half of the box-office revenue will be taken by movie theaters, which means that, honestly speaking, it is just on the edge of being in the red or not. Toei must be feeling a bit frustrated because they were aiming for a blockbuster hit, and Fuji Television, which brought Kimura to the Geki 9 series, can be heard voicing their concerns as well. ……

It may be recalled that the “advance reputation” of this movie was outstanding. Kimura, who played the role of Nobunaga Oda, went to a variety of TV programs and events, which he normally does not appear in, to promote the movie.

Last November, Kimura played the role of Nobunaga and took part in a procession at the Nobunaga Festival in Gifu City. The event was flooded with 960,000 applicants and actually attracted 460,000 spectators.

The event was reported daily on wide shows and other media, and his heroic appearance was also spread on social networking sites. All the media praised the enthusiasm of the audience, saying, “That’s just what Kim Taku is like.

The PR effect was outstanding, and expectations for the movie must have risen dramatically. Nevertheless, when the film was released, it was just barely breaking even, so it could be said that the film had “fallen behind its reputation.

As was the case with the movie “Legendary,” Kimura tends to be the subject of a lot of “puff pieces” in the media, from TV to sports papers to women’s weekly magazines. In Mr. Kimura’s case, however, the media, from television to sports papers to women’s weekly magazines, tend to write “fanfare” about him, and as if following their lead, the tone is “high expectations” and “sure to be a big hit,” but in fact, the public may be analyzing the situation more seriously and calmly. ……” (a person involved in a wide range of TV shows)

The drama “Kyobo 0” has also been the subject of a number of articles that are “gloating” about the drama. Fuji Television is so enthusiastic about the drama that it will air a rerun of “Kyobo II” on April 5 and 6, the days immediately prior to the broadcast, in prime time.

We can only hope that this time it will not be “……” for Kimura as well.

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