Yuko Ogura, Natsu Ando, Harumi Edo… Background of the unprecedented “re-learning boom” in the entertainment industry | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yuko Ogura, Natsu Ando, Harumi Edo… Background of the unprecedented “re-learning boom” in the entertainment industry

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Yuko Ogura, a.k.a. “Yukorin,” has been a “women’s college student” at Shirayuri Women’s University since April.

Qualification acquisition and re-learning are becoming popular among celebrities.

Natsu Ando of the comedy duo “Maple Chogokin” recently reported on her blog that she passed the national exam to become a care worker.

She said, “Actually, I took the national exam for care worker almost for the first time last year, and I passed it at the end of January. I passed it without a hitch!” (Original text)

(original text only). Ando has been involved in nursing care for more than 20 years, including as a volunteer, and holds certifications in home helper training level 2 and practical care worker training.

The celebrity Takeshi Tsuruno passed the nursery school teacher examination at the end of last year and became a “teacher. Tsuruno graduated from a junior college in March 2010 and obtained a second-class kindergarten teaching license. In October of the same year, she became certified as an associate school psychologist, and has been focusing on education-related studies.

Tsuruno discusses her future on SNS

I will devote myself to helping create the future and environment of the community, families, childcare, early childhood education, and childcare.

I am now preparing to transfer to a university next spring. I will continue my studies while searching for what I can do because of who I am.

I will continue to study while searching for what I can do because of who I am,” she said.

According to a source in the entertainment industry, the new Corona was a major factor.

The spread of corona stopped the work of entertainers who had been busy working until then. There were many people who rethought their lives there because they could not see a way out.

Both Mr. Ando and Ms. Tsuruno were able to combine their talent activities by delving into fields in which they had been interested for some time. I think it’s really important mentally to have a job you want to do even if you leave the entertainment industry,” says Ando.

Comedian Ed Harumi will take a new step forward this spring. He will be entering a doctoral program (design studies) at the University of Tsukuba Graduate School. Ed wrote on his blog

What is my research? When people lose their vitality for some reason, we don’t try to solve it by “thinking,” but by “physical exercise,” some kind of “action or practice,” in order to change their mood,” he explained in his blog.

He has been studying for two years.

Ed-san is a unique individual in the Yoshimoto Kogyo industry, having worked as a computer instructor and manner instructor before becoming a student in the 11th term of the Tokyo NSC. He is unique even in Yoshimoto, and many young comedians refer to him as a ‘true monster. Some say that he may eventually become a politician. Some say that he may eventually become a politician.

Similarly, Yuko Ogura, a TV personality, will be a university student this spring.

On January 1, she updated her Instagram page to show the entrance ceremony. Although she was not accepted into Waseda University’s School of Education, which was her main choice, Ogura has expressed her desire to go on to graduate school after graduation.

In her case, a series of divorce uproar has lowered her stock as a mamatare,” she said. So I think there is a part of her that aimed to go on to university as a new weapon.

It was linked to the program project. Her “sense of smell” in this area is indeed impressive. I think she will probably increase her media exposure in the future as a new kind of mamatare who balances child-rearing and schoolwork.

Kon Arimura, a movie commentator who came under heavy fire for his adulterous affair, has passed the JSNA Heat Wave Master Certification B conducted by the Japan Sauna and Heat Wave Aufgusschaft Association. His love of sauna seems to be growing.

He seems to have found a business opportunity in the sauna business, which is booming. With his main business slowing down, he wants to make sauna a new foundation for his life,” says a source in the entertainment industry.

(A source close to the entertainment industry).

Earlier in March, comedy duo Honjamaka’s Toshiaki Megumi graduated from Waseda University’s Graduate School of Sport Sciences.

He studied the role of sports in information programs,” says Toshiaki Megumi, a member of the comedy duo Honjamaka.

This is probably aimed at improving his ability as a TV show MC.

Very few people can make a living as a TV personality or actor for the rest of their lives. There is no doubt that the number of entertainers acquiring such qualifications and re-learning will continue to increase in the future.

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