Eriko Kitagawa, a scriptwriter who “hasn’t written for a while,” depicts burnt-out love in her drama “Hand in Hand at Dusk. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Eriko Kitagawa, a scriptwriter who “hasn’t written for a while,” depicts burnt-out love in her drama “Hand in Hand at Dusk.

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Suzu Hirose, who played the heroine in the drama “Yugure ni, Te wo Tsunagu

A week has passed since the final episode of the Tuesday drama “Yugure ni, Te wo Tsunagu” (TBS) starring actress Suzu Hirose ended, and the reverberations are only getting wider. The foreshadowing recovery and the famous quotes are attracting a lot of attention.

The drama is a coming-of-age love story that begins when the wild and charming Kuramame (Hirose), who grew up in rural Kyushu, has a fateful encounter with a boy from the city, Oto (Ren Nagase). In the final episode, after dropping their AirPods after bumping into each other at an intersection, Kuramame and Oto are reunited at the intersection where they first met again.

The foreshadowing play that reminds us that their story began with this encounter is well worth watching. Catch copy on the poster

I fell in love with you long ago.

was the ending of the film, and the tagline on the poster, “We fell in love a long time ago,” stuck in my mind.

However, it was not only the love story between the two that stuck in the hearts of the viewers. In the final episode, we learn that Kuramame, who had left for Paris with his mother Toko (Yasuko Matsuyuki), has returned to his parents’ house in Kyushu three years later.

What a waste. He has already made a success in Paris.

He recommends that Kuon return to Tokyo. However, Kuramame says

I don’t know what or who I’m making it for anymore. I am no longer excited about making them.

He also confides his painful feelings. In addition, “I was born to fight for my life,” he said.

There are those who were born to fight for life and those who were born to enjoy life.

Oi was born to enjoy life. I was born to enjoy life.

I was born to enjoy life. In response, Kwon said

No matter how you live your life, there is no such thing as just having fun. You have to fight while having fun.

This comment captured the hearts of many viewers.

Endo, who plays the role of Kudo, is making his first appearance in a Kitagawa film. I met with Mr. Kitagawa before we started filming and we talked about various things. About his impression at that time, he said, ‘He was a free person. He also said, “I realized that Kitagawa-san’s freedom is a freedom that he struggled and fought to achieve.” “My role may be to slightly echo such feelings in a love story,” said a producer from a production company.

In this work, in which many people involved in “monodzukuri” such as designers and musicians appear, the scriptwriter Eriko Kitagawa, who has been fighting at the forefront of “monodzukuri” for more than 30 years, has used her own experiences to write the script. The film is littered with lines from the experience of screenwriter Eriko Kitagawa, who has been at the forefront of “monodzukuri” for over 30 years.

The story is based on the words of Kyoko Yukihira (Mari Natsuki), a painter, who pushes Soramame to leave for Paris by saying, “Making things is a way for people to get the furthest they can go. On the other hand, however, her mother, Toko, who is one of the world’s top designers and left her young self, casually reminds Soramame that “those who entertain people far away make people near them sad.

This film is different from Kitagawa’s previous works in one or two ways. It oozes a flavor that is different from a mere coming-of-age love story,” said the producer.

In an interview on the official website of the drama, Kitagawa said, “Ideas are beautiful. However, in an interview on the drama’s official website, Kitagawa said, “Ideas are beautiful.

“Whenever you do something new, you are bound to encounter friction, and it tests your resolve.

On top of that

“If someone doesn’t try new things that have never been done before without getting too caught up in the conventional wisdom, there will be no attraction, and there will be no one who wants to be on the production side,” he said.

He looks back on his life as a screenwriter as a “challenge to ideas.

On March 7, Kitagawa made an interesting statement on Twitter.

I don’t think I will be writing for a while. For various reasons. I think it will be a long time before I write anything.

Today’s #Hands in the Dusk episode 8. I feel that just by being able to write this episode, it was worthwhile to do this drama.

Is this due to the reported health problems? Or, as producer Hiroki Ueda, who worked with me on “Beautiful Life” and “Orange Days,” says

“I was burning up with life,” he said.

or was it the effect of “burnout syndrome” after writing “Beautiful Life” and “Orange Days” with the same “zest for life” as producer Hiroki Ueda, with whom he worked on the film?

However, on Twitter on March 27, he tweeted the following comment.

I suddenly had a feeling that I wanted to write something like this, like a drop of rain.

How about this scene? It was a story about a work that I had not yet seen. It was a story about a work I had not yet seen. For a while, I was having a dusk-loss.

A drop in the great river of a new love story has already descended. This work echoes the splendor and severity of “monodzukuri” in a love story. We look forward to the next film that will surpass it.

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