Gershie reveals he was “planning to return home in secret” and was “slammed” for coming all the way to South Korea and then turning back. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Gershie reveals he was “planning to return home in secret” and was “slammed” for coming all the way to South Korea and then turning back.

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Mr. Garcie, who went from being a congressman’s “teacher” to a “suspect” in one day (from his official YouTube channel).

I had a ticket to Japan on the 13th ……

Mr. Gershey (real name: Yoshikazu Azumaya), who has been expelled from the House of Councilors and is wanted internationally on suspicion of habitual threats and defamation of character, was scheduled to return to Japan secretly on March 13.

In a video released in the member salon on March 15, Gershie revealed that he and three others, including a staff member he usually gets along with in Dubai, were planning to return to Japan on March 13.

They were planning to arrive in Korea in the evening and take an LCC to Haneda Airport around 1:00 am in transit. But somehow the reporters and TV stations had found out. Gershey denied it, saying, “Of course, I ignored it, but the airline might have leaked the information to the media, so he decided not to return to Japan.

The 13th was the day before the expulsion was approved by the Disciplinary Committee. On the 15th, the formal decision was made at a plenary session, and as if to ensure good timing, an arrest warrant was issued on the 16th and the suspect was placed on an international arrest warrant.

In a live broadcast on social media, the suspect stated that he was prepared to never return to Japan, but if his passport was suspended by the Japanese government, he would be in the country where he was staying illegally. In some countries, you can buy a permanent residence permit for a large sum of money, but it depends on your relationship with the Japanese government,” said a reporter from a national newspaper.

Mr. Romi Hoshino, the founder of “Manga-mura” and a past international suspect wanted for copyright infringement, posted an emergency video on his YouTube channel in response to the arrest warrant issued for the suspect Gershie. Mr. Hoshino had also fled to the Philippines, but was extradited to Japan after being placed on an international wanted list and charged in Japan. He was sentenced to three years in prison and other prison terms.

Mr. Hoshino said he has heard that the suspect, Garcie, has a special long-term visa, and he does not know what will happen to him in the future. But if he were deported.

[Joon] I think I’m going to get a prison sentence. Because, has anyone ever been on the international wanted list and not been sentenced to jail? No, right? Even if it was a very minor crime, they still got jail time. For example, copyright is a very minor offense, but in my case, I was only charged with two copyright cases, and I went to jail.

I don’t agree with the assertion that “copyrights are light,” but I spoke based on my own experience.

Gershey is still on the run overseas. However, there seems to be no doubt that the investigation is gradually closing in on him.

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