The industry is in an uproar over the “stunning removal of Pinko”… “Serious Reason” why Pinko Izumi is not invited to the drama series in memory of Sugako Hashida. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The industry is in an uproar over the “stunning removal of Pinko”… “Serious Reason” why Pinko Izumi is not invited to the drama series in memory of Sugako Hashida.

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Pinko Izumi has been “isolated” from the members of Wataruki. She and Sugako Hashida had been the strongest tag team, but…

The famous actress, Pinko Izumi, is now “all alone.

On March 8, TBS announced the additional cast for “Hitoribotsuchi: Hito to Hito wo Tsunagu Ai no Monogatari” (April 9, 2009), a special drama in memory of screenwriter Sugako Hashida, who passed away in April 2009.

Masaki Aiba and Aya Ueto, who will star in the drama, have already been announced. On this day, it was newly announced that Enari Kazuki, Kakuno Takuzo, Nakata Yoshiko, Nomura Mami, Fujita Tomoko, and others will appear in the series.

They are all regulars in the hit drama series “Wataru Seken wa Oni Bakari” that began in 1990.

However, Pinko, who had a “father-son” relationship with Hashida before her death, was not among the cast.

The Internet commented on this

The removal of Pinko was so splendid.
I didn’t expect it to be this blatant. ……
What happened?

What happened? The producer of the drama is Fukuko Ishii. According to a TBS official, “Ms. Ishii was the OG of TBS.

According to a TBS official, “Ms. Ishii is an ex-TBS employee, and she did not include Pinko in her plan for the memorial drama, which was accepted by TBS. TBS also accepted the idea. It must have been a clear message from the members of Toki and TBS to remove Pinko from the drama.

The reason for the irreparable rift in the relationship between the two was the death of Hashida. Pinko said that she would scatter her remains in the sea, which is said to have raised eyebrows at the “Hashida Cultural Foundation” established by Hashida’s side before his death.

Pinko, as Ms. Hashida’s “daughter,” had been touting herself as her successor. Even after the trouble over the remains was revealed, Pinko did not apologize, but instead made comments that undermined Hashida’s side.

In the past, she harshly criticized Enari-san on the set of Watariki, causing Enari-san to refuse to co-star in the show. It is likely that Ms. Ishii has turned down Pinko, who is a troublemaker,” said an entertainment professional.

Pinko has established a firm position as an opinionated person in the entertainment world. On the other hand, she was also unpopular as a “divider” on the set of dramas. A person related to the entertainment industry who worked with Pinko reveals, “Pinko was not good or bad.

Pinko is a Showa-era actress, for better or worse. If she enters the scene, she is the top actress in terms of career. That is to say, she is in a higher position than directors and producers. So it was like Pinko-san was in charge of the scene.”

Pinko was always accompanied by Mr. X, a man from a certain production company, as her “right hand man,” and sometimes controlled the shooting time and schedule.

She said, “He didn’t like to shoot in a lazy way, so he would just wind it up. Even when the producer wanted to shoot a scene one more time, Pinko would ask, “X! I’m okay with this one, aren’t I?’ Mr. X would say, ‘Yes, I’m okay.

It is difficult to say “One more time…” to a famous actress when this exchange takes place repeatedly. At Pinko’s site, it is common for her to roll for two to three hours. It is great for those who want to go home early, but for the production side, which wants to shoot a satisfactory film, it was a bump on the eye.

Pinko’s exposure has been slowly decreasing over the past few years. She herself is aware of this, and sometimes calls big-name celebrities she knows and says, “Invite me to your show next time! and “direct management” to him.

Although he has not publicly commented on this blatant “Pinko omission,” he is reported to have said

I can’t keep quiet about this!

The “battle of the bones” is a battle of the minds. It seems that the second round of the “battle of the bones” is about to break out.

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