TSUKUBA CUP” is being held at Chikuzuke, where two students have been accepted to the University of Tokyo on the school’s recommendation. The “way forward” for Eugene is… | FRIDAY DIGITAL

TSUKUBA CUP” is being held at Chikuzuke, where two students have been accepted to the University of Tokyo on the school’s recommendation. The “way forward” for Eugene is…

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The first year of His High School life will soon come to an end. Chikuzuke High School, where he spends his days in full academic and club activities, is said to be “on fire. The reason for this… PHOTO:Shinji Hasuo

Tsukuba University High School, where Prince Hisahito of Akishino attends, is on fire. The whole school is on fire with the “TSUKUBA CUP 2023,” a futsal tournament held between teams of volunteers. This is the first time in three years that this intramural event is held during lunch break. In the past, Chikusuke High School used to hold such a “tournament” organized by the athletic club, but it was cancelled due to the COVID-19 crisis. This year, the soccer and futsal clubs have revived these events.

The men’s soccer club, women’s kickball club, and men’s futsal club hold joint training camps and are in close contact with each other. Together they have a large number of members. These three clubs manage the clubs and run the tournaments.

When Prince Eugene entered Chikuzuke last April, he was considering joining the futsal club. He must be interested in this sport.

‘There is no team for Eugene to join at the moment, but Anyway, the competition is very exciting with almost everyone having someone they know competing, so I think the whole school is there to cheer him on.

The competition is voluntarily organized by the members of the school’s athletic club, who have a strong presence within the school, but the first and second-year students participate by forming teams with their classmates, club activities, and close friends, so not only the participants but also their friends and juniors and seniors come to cheer them on, making the whole school excited. The tournament is so large that there is a possibility that it will continue from April through the next school year.

The soccer and futsal team members are also busy refereeing the games.

In the midst of all this, the “final examinations for the school year” were held on March 3, 4, 6, and 7. But was he too busy to study for the examinations?

The third-year students have almost finished taking the entrance examinations for each university in February. So, we are already next. Aside from the school exams, we are preparing for the entrance examinations” (2nd year girl)

Two students from Chikuzuke passed the entrance examination for Tokyo University! Two students from Chikuzuke were recommended to Tokyo University!

There has been a lot of speculation about the entrance examinations for Eugene, who will be moving up to the second grade this spring.

There are reports that he is aiming for a recommendation from the University of Tokyo, but students who are admitted with a recommendation from the University of Tokyo are really excellent. Most of them have the ability to pass the exam even if they took the exam normally. Todai has a unique system in which students do not choose their department at the time of admission, and for general entrance examinations, students can take either Science 1, 2, or 3, or Literature 1, 2, or 3. After entering the school, all students are placed in the Liberal Arts Department, and then in their third year, they are assigned to a department of their choice. However, since admission by recommendation is by department, the department of Law, Engineering, or Literature is determined at the same time as acceptance. In other words, it is very attractive for students who have a clear idea of the path they want to take by the time they reach high school, but on the other hand, for students who have not yet decided on a career path or specialty, there is no opportunity to choose.

What is required in the “school recommendation type selection” is “a broad perspective that relates to various issues that are sure to be found in the process of learning by making use of one’s own interests both inside and outside of school classes, or a deep insight into one’s own problem consciousness, rather than a person who focuses only on narrow-minded study for entrance examinations with only the score of the entrance examination in mind. On February 14, 88 students were accepted, including one each from Chikusuke High School and the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Learning extensively both inside and outside of school classes

The school gate of Chikuzuke Junior and Senior High Schools displays a poster showing the spectacular achievements of students who have won prizes in various competitions outside the school, such as the “Information Olympics” and the “English Composition Contest. It is possible that we may see Eugene’s name on the bulletin board in the future.

It will soon be one year since he entered Chikuzuke, a school he had longed for. In the badminton club, Eugene started by picking up the shuttle for his seniors, and now he will become a “senior.

He said, “In the badminton club, we are not told if we miss club activities, and everyone participates in the club activities as they see fit, so there are almost no matches. It’s not really an athletic club, but more like a place to work out when the mood strikes you, which is perfect for kids who want to study hard.

It seems that Prince Eugene, who not only studies for entrance exams but also performs official duties, has chosen the “right” club for him.

He is not particularly conspicuous in the school, nor is he treated in any way special. The teachers tell me to go out with them in a normal way. There are a number of security guards who follow us when we move from one building to another, or they are in the shadows of the plantings, but I’ve gotten used to it (laughs). (Laughs.) Eugene is usually with two or three boys, and it’s really normal.

On March 17, the end-of-school ceremony will be held, and the students will go on a short spring break. Since there will be no class changes for the next three years, we hope that Eugene, who will begin his second year of high school in April with the same classmates, will have a fulfilling life, “learning widely both inside and outside the school. We hope that he will be able to spend a fulfilling life “learning extensively inside and outside of the school.

The University of Tsukuba Junior and Senior High School, a prestigious school with spacious grounds in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo. The records of students who have won prizes in various competitions and contests are displayed by the main gate.
The school is overflowing with a variety of talent, including a karuta (Japanese playing cards) tournament, an information Olympics, and an English composition contest.
  • PHOTO. Shinji Hasuo (1st photo)

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