Soon to say goodbye…! The growth record of “Shanshan,” a panda born in Ueno, Tokyo, is too cute! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Soon to say goodbye…! The growth record of “Shanshan,” a panda born in Ueno, Tokyo, is too cute!

Cute" but that's not all. What the Ueno Zoo wants to tell you now

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Shanshan’s growth record] 196 days after birth. Shanshan is now able to climb trees.

<The Ueno Zoo’s giant panda “Shanshan” will finally be “returned” to China on February 21. Originally scheduled to be returned in December 2008, the return had been postponed five times due to the COVID-19 crisis and other factors. The Ueno Zoo has been crowded with people who are sad to say goodbye to Shan Shan, who was born in June 2017 in Ueno, and whose growth was documented in an article written in December 2020.

Shanshan at 130 days old. This is a rare shot of the pandas looking at the camera.

Shanshan was promised to be returned to China by the end of 2020. We had raised her for three and a half years, from natural mating to pregnancy and birth. I am sad to see her go. It is.”

A giant panda at the Ueno Zoo. The Ueno Zoo’s giant panda, Shanshan, who was born in Ueno, is about to say goodbye. Takashi Sugino, director of the Education and Extension Division of the Ueno Zoo, said, “I am sad to say goodbye to Shanshan, who was born in Ueno.

“We will miss her.” Shan Shan was born for the first time in 29 years. The method of raising pandas has changed since then, so we had an expert from China come to the zoo to give us guidance. Thanks to their help, they have grown up very well. He was born at 147 grams. I was born weighing 147 grams, and I am now weighing He is now about 77 kilograms. Now, she weighs about 77 kilograms.

Shanshan at 100 days old. She was spending time with her mother, Shin Shin. She was able to support herself and move forward a few feet. She weighed 6 kg.

This year was Shanshan’s last year at the Ueno Zoo, which was also closed due to the new coronavirus.

Even when the zoo is closed, what we do doesn’t change,” he said. Even the animals are the same (laughs). We take care of the animals the same way. But maybe it’s good for the animals that it’s quiet.

Even when the park is closed, the animals eat and grow. And the park reopened with a limited number of visitors. In the midst of all this, the Asian elephant Utai (22 years old, weighing about 2,700 kg) gave birth to a baby on October 31 after a long gestation period of one year and 10 months. This is the first birth in the 132-year history of Asian elephant breeding.

The elephant was running around the mother elephant, and then she just lay down and went straight to sleep. Then she would fall asleep for about five minutes. Then she wakes up and runs around again.

…Cute. The baby elephant (120 kg) also has big ears and long legs. And his legs are long. We decided to name him Arun.

Herbivores are able to stand up on their legs soon after birth so that they can run and escape,” he said.

In the wild, each animal has its own unique characteristics.

Why “Panda Action” was started

Pandas are cute. TV and social networking sites are full of “kawaii” (cute).

However, pandas are wild animals by nature. However, the reality is that keeping wild animals such as otters and small monkeys as pets has led to an increase in poaching.

It is hard to imagine the connection with our daily life because it is not directly related to our daily life, but we want people to realize the viewpoint of protecting the environment of wild animals, so we are launching ” Thank You Shanshan – Panda Action” to help people realize the importance of protecting the environment of wild animals. Twitter to raise awareness of the need to protect the environment of wild animals.

This initiative, in which people retweet in support of six proposed “actions,” is spreading rapidly.

1. Learn about giant pandas correctly.

#2 Keep your distance from wild animals

#3 Think about the use of wild animals

#4 Choose products that are environmentally friendly

#5 Don’t waste resources

#6 Make a donation

Of these, #3, “Use wildlife,” received the most response.

Some people are uncomfortable with the word ‘use,’ but the truth is that we use many wild animals in our daily lives. The food and daily necessities on our tables also have a great impact on the natural environment and wildlife. In fact, we are all related.

It is precisely those who are caught off guard by the word “use” that he wants people to “learn more about it.

When each action reaches its target number of RTs, Shanshan’s private video will be rewarded with “movement,” and the “#1” video is currently being released.

The panda actions have various rewards, such as the ability to see the video when the target number of RTs is reached. Zoo attempts are diverse.

Zoos in winter are also full of “fun

The Ueno Zoo currently has about 3,000 animals of 350 species.

In early spring, tadpoles are born in droves, and the zoo’s population increases dramatically (laughs). (Laughs.) In spring, babies of all kinds of animals are born.

What can we expect to see at the zoo in the coming season?

In winter, the zoo is generally more relaxed. Many animals change to winter coats, and even the Japanese macaques have fluffy fur. I personally love the monkey mountain of Japanese macaques. 20 minutes. They are fighting for food, grooming each other, and now is the end of the mating season, so the male and female monkeys are cuddling up to each other. Zoos are more interesting than cute. We want to show the life history and true nature of each animal. That’s why we have various opportunities here and there in the zoo.

Shanshan’s preference for bamboo…but she is grateful

At three and a half years old, Shanshan is one step closer to adulthood. Basically, pandas become solitary after the age of one. If she were kept with her mother panda, Xinxing (15 years old, 120 kg), “they would fight over food.

We always have several kinds of bamboo available for feeding. Shanshan has a particular preference for bamboo, and it is not the same every day.

Soon, Shan Shan, who has been carefully nurtured in this way, will be leaving us…

The deadline for the return of the bamboo is May next year. May 31st next year. “The deadline for the return of Shanshan has been extended to May 31 next year. There will be a quarantine period of about one month before the return. So, they won’t be leaving suddenly.

Panda fans all over Japan rejoiced at the announcement of the postponement of the return. We can see them at Ueno for a while longer.

The pandas are special to the Ueno Zoo in many ways, both historically and in their connection with the local people, and we are filled with gratitude for that. I am grateful for their existence in many ways.

Actually, I specialize in fish. Many species of fish change sex, switching between male and female. Take the cartoon “Nemo,” for example. In that case, the father becomes a female and becomes a mother, while Nemo becomes a male (father).

Chief Sugino’s voice seemed to take on a more passionate tone.

Animals and fish have their own ecology and lives, and there are many things we don’t know about them. Let’s go to the zoo and even the aquarium to see pandas, elephants, monkeys, and water creatures!

Mother, Xinxin, 15 years old. She has few likes and dislikes for bamboo.
Father, Leelee, 15, has always lived alone. After all, he is not so picky about bamboo’s likes and dislikes.
Shanshan’s growth: 30 days after birth. The black and white of the body is becoming clearer.
Shanshan’s growth record] 100 days after birth.
Shanshan’s growth record] 130 days after birth. When she started to walk well.
Shanshan’s growth record] 196 days after birth. Shanshan is now able to climb trees.
Shanshan’s growth record] December 25, 2017. First Christmas
The delicate age of “no longer a child, but not yet an adult.
  • Photo provided by Ueno Zoo

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