Kei Komuro “Shopping at Drugstores and Luxury Supermarkets” amidst “Reports of Pregnancy”! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kei Komuro “Shopping at Drugstores and Luxury Supermarkets” amidst “Reports of Pregnancy”!

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Kei Komuro shopping at a drugstore

One year and two months have passed since Kei Komuro (31) and Mako (31) moved to New York. In the beginning, there were reports of the two shopping together and walking hand in hand, but recently such scenes have been few and far between.

Last year, several media reported that Mako was secretly going to a “celebrity hospital” to help her conceive. Perhaps Komuro’s passing of the bar exam may have relieved her of financial worries.

In mid-December 2010, we saw Kei Komuro walking alone in Manhattan, New York. She looked a little downcast and tired as she walked. A Japanese woman living in New York told us, “I saw Mr. Komuro once.

I saw Mr. Komuro once, but he was walking so fast that I thought he was almost running. Americans seem to have the impression that the Japanese royal family is very cramped.

Soon, he will begin his life as a lawyer, which he has longed for. It is likely that she will be seen dashing around Manhattan as an international lawyer.

After entering a supermarket, Mr. Komuro headed straight for the cash register. He took something out of his eco-bag, handed it to the clerk, and returned it.

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