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Nanako Matsushima’s overwhelming aura at a luxury supermarket

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Matsushima buys the ingredients and heads to the pickup truck. She looks stylish in simple black pants and a white shirt.

Gaienmae 5:05 p.m.

Actress Nanako Matsushima (47) has been the talk of the town for her “Mattified” face after being made up by celebrity Matt (27) in a commercial for the delivery service “Uber Eats”.

It was in the evening of late September that I saw her. She was shopping at a high-end supermarket in Gaienmae, wearing a white shirt and black pants. After paying the bill, she headed for her car. In the “Mattified makeup,” her eyes were large with strong eyeliner and colored contacts, but even with normal makeup, her eyes were strong and her beauty and aura were still dignified.

“Last year, there were rumors that she was going to take a break from acting, but recently she has been taking on new roles not only in commercials but also in dramas, and it looks like she will be getting more exposure in the future.

In this fall’s drama “SUPER RICH” (Fuji TV, to be broadcast on October 14), she plays a career woman whom the president of a venture company, played by Noriko Eguchi (41), admires. This is her first appearance in a commercial drama in three years. I’m looking forward to seeing the overwhelming presence of these two actors together.

Unpublished photo of Nanako Matsushima on her way home from work, stopping by a high-end supermarket.

From the October 22-29, 2021 issue of FRIDAY

  • Photo by Yuri Adachi

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