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Japan, Germany, Spain, Croatia… “Too beautiful supporters” who watched the World Cup

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Behind the great strides made by the national teams of each country, there were beautiful supporters who continued to cheer them on!

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A beautiful woman watching the match against Spain. She cheered with a wish for a “must-win” on her cheek.

The World Cup in Qatar ended with Argentina’s victory. The tournament also produced many dramas, such as Japan’s remarkable success in the “Group of Death” and Morocco becoming the first African nation to advance to the final four, but behind the drama were the supporters in Qatar who continued to cheer on their team.

One woman who watched the big win against Germany wore the uniform of Takumi Minamino (27), who said he was a fan of hers, and cheered her on. Many other fans cheered for Moriyasu Japan, holding up the uniforms of their favorite players and the Japanese flag.

In the first match of the final tournament, where Japan’s dreams were dashed, former Miss Croatia Ivana Nole (30) encouraged the Croatian team’s progress in a racy swimsuit. She attracted a lot of attention as “the world’s sexiest supporter.

Compared to Brazil in 2002 and Russia in 2006, which required air travel, this year’s tournament was designed to be very compact: the eight stadiums are about the size of Akita Prefecture, and all can be moved by train. Perhaps due to this, the total number of spectators for all 48 matches in the group stage surpassed that of the previous tournament, reaching 2.45 million.

Furthermore, this year’s event was also a topic of conversation due to the extreme easing of measures against Coronas. The ban on vocal cheering was lifted, and it can be said that the presence of supporters was once again significant in this tournament.

The next tournament in 2026 will be co-hosted by the United States, Mexico, and Canada. The next tournament in 2026 will be co-hosted by the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Since the number of participating teams will be increased from the current 32 to 48, supporters from even more countries will be expected to attend the tournament. Which team will be able to answer the call of the “Goddess of Victory”?

Minamino’s fan, she says. She became a hot topic on social networking sites as soon as she appeared on live TV against Germany.
A dark-haired beauty who has been to two consecutive tournaments, she is a fan of defender Itakura Koh (25).
Some fans were wearing away uniforms. They were watching the game with national flags in their hands.


Even though they were eliminated from the “group of death,” they cheered for the team until the end. Blonde is beautiful!


They were watching the game side by side. However, their support was in vain, and the invincible fleet was eliminated in the last 16.


Wearing a tight dress with a national flag pattern, they responded with a passionate kiss.


Ms. Noll has a body to kill for. She has more than 2.7 million followers on Instagram.


The first African team to advance to the last four. The driving force is, of course, their passionate fans.


Messi’s (35) last World Cup. Fans are smiling and cheering for his heroic performance.

From the December 30, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

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