Death row inmate Uematsu, who killed and injured 45 people at a facility for the disabled…Photo of “horrifying tattoos” of Hannya on his back and a tiger on his shoulder. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Death row inmate Uematsu, who killed and injured 45 people at a facility for the disabled…Photo of “horrifying tattoos” of Hannya on his back and a tiger on his shoulder.

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This image was taken on a beach in Kanagawa Prefecture in the summer of 2003. Uematsu, a death row inmate, has a tattoo of a tiger on his right shoulder and a tattoo of a carp on his left shoulder. He drank any kind of alcohol (image: courtesy photo).

The death penalty was once again confirmed.

On December 12, the Supreme Court rejected a special appeal by the defense of death-row inmate Sei Uematsu, who killed or injured 45 people at Tsukui Yamayuri En (Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture), a facility for the mentally disabled. The Tokyo High Court’s decision to withdraw the appeal was valid.

The Yokohama District Court sentenced Uematsu to death in March 2008. Despite an immediate appeal by the defense, Uematsu withdrew his appeal on his own initiative, and his death sentence became final. The death sentence became final. However, the defense argued that “Uematsu withdrew his death sentence in order to escape the pain of the trial because he was in an abnormal state of mind. The Tokyo High Court invalidated the withdrawal of the appeal,” said a reporter from the society section of a national newspaper.

The incident occurred in July 2004. In the middle of the night, death row inmate Uematsu, a former employee, broke into the Yamauri En and stabbed and wounded residents with a knife and a kitchen knife. When the Tsukui Fire Department responded to the report, the floor was covered in blood.

Uematsu broke through a window and entered the facility. He used five knives to stab the residents, killing 19 and injuring 26 in an unprecedented tragedy. When the fire department officers and police arrived, it was said that anguished cries of ‘uuuu……’ could be heard from everywhere.

I’m on legalized herbs.”

An image of a tattoo that was uploaded to death row inmate Uematsu’s Twitter account. There was also a post saying that the facility for the disabled where he worked had found out and caused him problems.

After graduating from public elementary and junior high schools in Sagamihara, Uematsu went on to a private high school in Tokyo. It was after he left high school and entered Teikyo University that his behavior became strange. In an interview with “FRIDAY” (August 12, 2004 issue), Mr. A, a childhood friend, said the following.

The things she wore became more and more flashy. At his coming-of-age ceremony, he showed up in a reddish-purple montsuki hakama. He also told us that he was ‘doing law-abiding herbs. He also said that he didn’t join any clubs at university and that he had apprenticed himself to a tattoo artist in Sagamihara. ‘Do you have tattoos?’ I asked him, “Do you have a tattoo? On his back was the face of Hannya, and on both shoulders were carved pictures of carp and tigers (see related image).

Uematsu’s behavior in court was also controversial: at a jury trial in Yokohama District Court in January 2008, he suddenly became violent.

It was right after the defense had entered a plea of not guilty. Uematsu suddenly exclaimed, “I apologize deeply to everyone! he exclaimed. He brought both wrists to his mouth and made a gesture as if he was going to bite them. Four prison guards told him to “Stop it! he was still flailing his arms and legs for a while. Finally, the presiding judge ordered the court to dismiss the case and the trial was temporarily suspended. It was not until the afternoon that the trial resumed.

Uematsu was a death-row inmate who had committed an unprecedented murder. The Supreme Court’s rejection of a special appeal finally brought the case to a conclusion.

Uematsu, who said he was “using law-free herbs,” was sentenced to death for the murder of his wife and children. At a bar in Sagamihara City, he had his friends take pictures of him with his face painted in a strange manner (image: courtesy photo).
A photo taken at his coming-of-age ceremony. According to acquaintances, he had had a nose and eye surgery.
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