Woman in Prison for Life for Falsely Murdering Father and Brother: “Surprisingly True Feelings” Told to Former Boyfriend | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Woman in Prison for Life for Falsely Murdering Father and Brother: “Surprisingly True Feelings” Told to Former Boyfriend

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Defendant Adachi at the time of his sending to prison in June 2006.

He had long gray hair and a gaunt expression. …… The defendant’s appearance shows the weight of the four and a half years that have passed since the incident occurred.

The defendant is sentenced to life imprisonment.

As the judge handed down the sentence, the defendant remained still, his expression barely changing.

On November 29, Akemi Adachi, 48, an unemployed defendant accused of murdering her father and younger brother, was sentenced to life imprisonment at a jury trial (Judge Hirotoshi Sakaguchi presiding) held at the Osaka District Court. Judge Sakaguchi stated, “This was an elaborate crime based on a certain plan, and the consequences of taking the lives of two people are grave. The defendant should face the crime for the rest of his life,” he said in his ruling.

The first incident occurred in January 2006. Tomio Adachi’s father, then 67, a diabetic from Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture, was rushed to the hospital after suffering from hypoglycemic encephalopathy after drinking some amazake she had made; he died five months later. According to prosecutors, Adachi allegedly overdosed him with insulin and killed him.

In March of the same year. Adachi is believed to have drugged his younger brother Masamitsu (40 at the time) with sleeping pills to put him in a coma, then took him into the bathroom of his parents’ house and burned him with charcoal briquettes to kill him. She created a fictitious suicide note and faked her brother’s charcoal briquette suicide. After the incident, she spread flyers in the neighborhood slandering Seikou’s wife, and in an interview with a TV station just before her arrest, she appealed her innocence, saying, ‘A false accusation is about to be brought against me.

Conflicting Arguments

Even after his arrest, Adachi consistently denied the charges. He remained silent at trial. The two main points of contention at trial were whether Adachi was involved in the deaths of his father and brother and what his motive was.

According to the prosecution, Adachi took over a poorly run company from his father and wrote about his dissatisfaction with the family on his blog. She was also short of money, and immediately after her father collapsed, her cash and bank books were missing. Adachi also killed her brother, whom she suspected of the crime. He is said to have bought charcoal briquettes on the Internet to fake his own suicide in the bathroom, and even made a fake suicide note that read, “I gave my father insulin.

The defense has refuted the allegations outright. Her father’s death was caused by terminal cancer, and Adachi did not kill him. They argued that the charcoal briquettes may have been purchased by a third party in defendant Adachi’s name, and that it would have been difficult for him to carry his younger brother, who was of different build, to the bathroom. The will was made by a third party, and he pleaded not guilty to the charges.”

While there was little direct physical evidence and it was difficult to prove the case, the court reached its decision based on circumstantial evidence and other factors. In the July 13, 2006 issue of FRIDAY, a testimony by Adachi’s former boyfriend was published immediately after the incident occurred. Here is an unexpected statement from her.

I was dating her two years before the incident. She was always calm and straightforward. On the other hand, she was proud and pushed herself too hard. When we were dating, she once asked me for advice about a construction company she was running.

When I told her that she should quit the company if it was that hard for her, she said, “If you shut down the company, what will happen to the employees’ lives? There are people who have been working for us since their father’s generation.

It seems that Adachi had been distressed and excessively stressed out since that time. A former girlfriend continues, “Before she took over the company, she had been working at a cram school.

Before she took over the company, she had worked as a cram school teacher. She recalls that time and says, “That job suited me. If I could, I would go back to being a cram school teacher. I don’t think she would have made a case like that. ……

The trial, which lasted approximately four years from September 2006 to August 2010, involved 34 sessions of “pretrial proceedings,” in which the court, prosecutors, and defense attorneys narrowed down the issues and evidence. If the defense, which maintains the innocence of the accused, appeals, the time required to get to the bottom of the case will be even longer.

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