The Terrifying Face of a Former Representative of a Famous Detective Agency: A Woman Victim of Confinement Recounts Four Terrifying Days in the Company’s Custody | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The Terrifying Face of a Former Representative of a Famous Detective Agency: A Woman Victim of Confinement Recounts Four Terrifying Days in the Company’s Custody

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Group photo of Shimoda and his friends. The suspect told the media that he was a member of a motorcycle gang in Hachioji and then a gangster.

If he dies, I’ll throw him off the balcony.”

These words reached the victim’s ears just before she lost consciousness after being drugged with a large amount of sleeping pills in an apartment room.

On October 2 of this year, FRIDAY learned that Yosuke Shimoda, 35, the former head of a well-known detective agency, had been arrested at the Meguro Police Station of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department.

He is suspected of confining and assaulting a female acquaintance over a four-day period beginning on September 29. The detective agency of which Shimoda was the representative specializes in affair investigations and is a major player in the industry with many branches throughout Japan. Shimoda served as the company’s representative director until the year before last and as a director until last November,” said a company official.

When FRIDAY asked Ako, a female victim in her 30s, for an interview, she agreed on condition of anonymity.

She said, “I met Shimoda a few years ago through work, and on September 29 he was furious when he found out I had gone on a trip to Hakone with a mutual acquaintance. He went to my house and assaulted me in a rage, saying, ‘You’re cheating on me! ‘ He became enraged and assaulted me.”

That was the beginning of four days of terror.

On the first day, he took off my clothes, hit me in the face with an ashtray, and burned my guts out with a cigarette.

On the second day, the assault continued, with me being choked and a vibrator forcibly shoved into my vagina to ‘masturbate.’ On the third day, in addition to being raped repeatedly, Shimoda sent naked pictures of me to acquaintances on the trip and connected me to a phone to broadcast the sex live. When I was forced to nibble his genitals, he threatened to “make more noise! he threatened me, and I also played the audio to my acquaintances.

I was so afraid of being violated that I couldn’t resist.

An acquaintance who received an SOS from Ms. A reported the incident to the police. In order to prevent the incident from being discovered, Shimoda went back and forth between his home in Meguro and the woman’s house in Shibuya, while committing the crime.

On the morning of the fourth day, he was given a large quantity of sleeping pills, saying, ‘Take this,’ and he lost consciousness. In the evening, police with a warrant raided Shimoda’s home and arrested him. Investigators woke me up and I regained consciousness, but at that time I was lying on the bed with my lower body naked. His bronchial tubes were also damaged, but he was rushed to the hospital where he survived.”

The police are investigating not only the injury, but also the forced sexual intercourse and other charges, he said.

I was shocked when the detective told me that it might be difficult to make a case of attempted murder. I was prepared to die many times. Even now, I have days when I can’t sleep because I keep thinking about the case.”

Barbaric acts by the former head of a detective agency, who is supposed to be a professional in male-female relationships, ……. It seems that behind the scenes, a vicious facade was hidden.

The victim’s arms were left with painful bruises after being assaulted by Shimoda over a period of four days.
He beat her all over her body with ashtrays, heated cigarettes, and other objects. He allegedly made the woman unable to resist his advances due to fear, and then forced her to perform sexual acts on him.

From the December 16, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

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