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Nozomi Sasaki “holding a bouquet of flowers full of happiness” delighted fans…!

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Model Nozomi Sasaki has been creating a buzz with her thank-you messages to her fans after reporting her second pregnancy. Comments of congratulations poured in, such as “Please take good care of yourself and have a healthy life,” and “Take plenty of nutrients and give birth to a healthy child, please.

Sasaki reported the other day that she is pregnant with her second child. She is smiling happily with a bouquet of flowers in her hand (from her Instagram @nozomisasaki_official).

After reporting her pregnancy, Sasaki published the following message.

Thank you for your comments. Thank you for your comments. Your warm words have encouraged me a lot. I will do my best with this power in my heart. Today I was at an ad shoot, and on my way home I received a lovely bouquet of flowers with a nice fragrance and a lot of fruits. We went home and ate delicious apples together after studying at night. What fruit shall we have tomorrow? Good night” (from Sasaki’s Instagram)

Sasaki posted a photo of her happily holding a large bouquet of flowers with such text. She also uploaded a photo of an assortment of fruits.

This year, Sasaki played the role of Nana Sasagawa in “Serial TV Novel Come Come Everybody” (NHK Sogo), and played the lead role of Nana Taira in “You Tuber ni Musume wa Yorananai” (TV Tokyo). (TV Tokyo) as the lead role of Chisa Taira, and the role of Izumi Tachibana in “Yangotte no naku ichizoku” (Fuji Television Network). Last year, her performance in the stage play “Drunken Angel” attracted attention as an actress who has “peeled off her skin,” and this seems to have triggered a flurry of offers for her.

On the other hand, she has also been working hard as a producer of the fashion brand “iNtimite”. The brand is based on the concept of “loungewear that you can go out without changing.” Whenever a new product is released, she posts a photo of herself wearing it on her Instagram to promote the product.

It is all for the sake of her beloved family. Her husband has not been able to return to the TV scene since the big scandal. While the headwinds are still continuing, Sasaki’s workload seems to be increasing day by day.

Her fans were very happy to hear of her pregnancy. It is probably because they have seen Sasaki work so hard for her family that they want to congratulate her.

I wonder if it was her beloved family that she ate the apple with. ……

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