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Over 600 million in sales… What was inside the “Indecent Party” held by a prostitution group

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Parties were held in rented hotel rooms and other locations. (Photo is an image and has been partially processed. (Image: Afro)

Sales of 650 million yen over 10 years.

A prostitution group that had been raking in the cash by holding obscene parties in Tokyo was busted by November 8. Five men and women, including Masaya Sawamura, 32, an unemployed man, and Mayo Koyama, 42, of Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, were arrested by the Metropolitan Police Department’s Security Division. They are suspected of violating the Anti-Prostitution Law (providing a location). The Sawamura suspect admitted to the crime, saying, “There is no doubt about it,” but the other four denied it, saying they were unaware that prostitution was taking place.

The arrests were made at an indecent party held on July 5 of this year at a private accommodation in Hyakuninmachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo. Several women who called themselves ‘sexy actresses’ and ‘models’ were offering sexual services to an unspecified number of male applicants. The crime was discovered after a report was made to the police that prostitution was taking place at the guest house.

The police investigation revealed that the indecent parties had been held for 10 years starting around 2012. The parties were held 15 times in a month at most. The parties were held at private residences with spacious rooms and in business hotel suites. The parties were held at private residences and business hotel suites with spacious rooms. The parties were held at two hotels and 16 private accommodations in Tokyo.

Some parties lasted as long as the next morning.

The party was attended by self-proclaimed “sexy actresses. (Image: Afro)

The party was announced on Twitter. Men who participated registered on the group LINE, and were sent a schedule for the next month, with discounts offered to repeat customers.

The LINE said something like, “Mr. 00’s photo session on December 1 at ‘Shinjuku’ from 3 pm to 5 am. The “Mr. 00” was probably the party organizer. The “Mr. 00” was probably the name of a “sexy actress” or “model” who would be attending the party, and the number probably indicated the time of the event. The parties were short, lasting four to five hours. Sometimes they were held for a long time, from the afternoon of the day until the next morning.

The entry fee for men ranged from 5,000 yen to 20,000 yen. They were very popular because of their “reasonable prices,” with discounts for repeat customers. The prostitution group earned over 600 million yen in 10 years. I have heard that sometimes overnight hot spring bus tours were organized.

The content of the parties was appalling.

According to Sawamura’s statement, the women who were the men’s partners at all the parties were not very different. According to Sawamura’s statement, there were less than 10 ‘sexy actresses’ in their 20s to 50s and 20 to 60 men who attended each party. Sometimes they would swap places without using contraceptives, and sometimes they would perform the same act. Some of the women are said to have contracted sexually transmitted diseases.

The hotels and private accommodations where the obscene parties were held were not aware of the prostitution.

About 10 “sexy actresses” attended the party (Photo: Image. (Image: Afro)
The party was held in a large room at the hotel or private accommodation (Photo: Image: Afro) (Image: Afro)
The party was held in a large room at a hotel or private accommodation (Photo: Image: Afro) (Image: Afro)
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