Room full of high school girls’ uniforms and underwear… 51-year-old man “appalled by the motive for the crime”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Room full of high school girls’ uniforms and underwear… 51-year-old man “appalled by the motive for the crime”.

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The suspect, Kakuma, was arrested.

The man started following a high school girl who was shopping at a supermarket with her friends. After following her for about 500 meters, he stopped her bicycle at the parking lot of her apartment building, grabbed her right shoulder, and knocked her down.

On November 6, Komatsugawa Police arrested Yukio Kakuma, 51, a company employee living in Edogawa Ward, on suspicion of attempted robbery. The suspect pulled down Ms. A, a high school student, and tried to rob her by removing her school uniform skirt and vest.

The incident took place at around 8 p.m. on September 30 this year, when Ms. A was shopping with a friend at a supermarket in Edogawa Ward. When the suspect saw Ms. A, he followed her. When Ms. A parked her bicycle in a parking lot, he turned around, pulled her to him, and knocked her down.

Kakuma attacked Ms. A and tried to remove her skirt. However, Ms. A resisted violently. The suspect fled. After returning home, Ms. A consulted her family and called 110 on the same day. The uniform was torn, but Ms. A was not injured.

Dressing and displaying on mannequins

Arrested suspect Kakuma (some photos have been doctored)

Based on security camera footage, the suspect Kakuma emerged in the line of investigation. When the police raided the house, they found a surprising scene.

The room was filled with high school girls’ uniforms, skirts, and underwear. There were hundreds of items. Some of the uniforms were carefully displayed on mannequins.

This is not the first time Kakuma has been arrested.

In March 2012, he pushed a young woman on her way home from a street in Kashiwazaki City, Niigata Prefecture, where she was living at the time, from behind and robbed her of the skirt she was wearing. The woman suffered bruises on her face and other injuries, and the suspect, Kakuma, was arrested by the Niigata Prefectural Police Investigation Section 1 on suspicion of robbery manslaughter. There is no doubt about it,’ he said, admitting the charge and apologizing. Kakuma was sentenced to six years in prison in February 2001.

In this case, too, Kakuma has admitted to the crime.

He told the police about his motive for committing the crime: “I saw a high school girl wearing a scantily clad skirt. ‘I saw a high school girl and wanted the skirt she was wearing. I like the smell of young women’s skirts.’ As for the large quantity of uniforms found at his home, he explained that he ‘purchased them through the Internet.

The police are investigating Kakuma for additional crimes.

Arrested suspect Kakuma (photo has been partially processed)
Arrested suspect Kakuma (photo has been partially processed)
  • Photographed by Shinji Hasuo

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