The drama of “Kimpli’s” withdrawal…Retirement, Hideaki Takizawa, “The true face of the drastic change from idol”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The drama of “Kimpli’s” withdrawal…Retirement, Hideaki Takizawa, “The true face of the drastic change from idol”.

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Tacky had completely changed his impression since his idol days, but ……

Tackey and Shiyoh Hirano and ……. Johnny’s is a constant stream of outflows.

First, on November 1, Hideaki Takizawa, 40, aka Tackey, announced that he had stepped down as vice president of Johnny’s Office and president of its affiliate, Johnny’s Island. Then, on November 4, it was announced that Shiyoh Hirano and three other members of “King & Prince” would be leaving the group and leaving the company. Some people thought that Tackey might be aiming for the next stage of his career, such as going overseas with Hirano and the other members.

If so, will this “ambition” be successful? To find out more about Takizawa’s production skills, we spoke with people involved in the entertainment industry.

The story ends too soon. ……

Needless to say, Takizawa was once a very popular idol known as “Tacky. After that, he moved to the management side of the agency and began to appear at live performances and interviews as the “seller” of talent. When his position changed in this way, the interviewers were astonished at his transformation.

I had interviewed Tackey many times when he was an idol. I have interviewed Tackey many times when he was an idol, but to be honest, he was a difficult person to interview. He never said anything thoughtful at all.

It was not that he had a bad attitude or that he did not want to answer because he did not want to reveal his privacy. It’s just that he was kind of absent-minded, and no matter what I asked him, he would just say, ‘Well, nothing in particular,’ or, ’00 was good, wasn’t it?

But later, when I saw him at a live concert of his junior colleagues, he looked like a different person.

He looked sharp and tight as he went around greeting the people involved. He seemed to be conversing without tact, and even burst out laughing a little. I was surprised that he could talk like this.

Some believe that this sort of “extreme personality” may have influenced his departure from the company. An editor familiar with the situation in Johnny’s had the following to say.

Takizawa has a tendency to show extreme enthusiasm and commitment to things that he has a strong attachment to, as is the case with Takizawa Kabuki, the stage Takizawa has been involved with for a long time. But idols have a wide range of activities anyway, from live performances to acting to variety shows. Naturally, they have to do things they don’t really like. When it comes to such work, I have the impression that Takizawa-san was not very good at convincing himself to enjoy it.

This clumsiness may have contributed to his departure from the company this time. His love for nurturing talent was well known. However, due to a gap in policy, he was no longer able to devote that love in the ideal way. This may have unconsciously led to a job that he “didn’t like very much.

It is not at all surprising, then, that he decided to create an environment in which he could freely do his own thing from scratch.

It is not clear whether Hirano and the others will join Takizawa, but Hirano was originally a talented dancer and joined Johnny’s because he was active in that field.

He will soon be 26 years old, and it would not be surprising if he decided to compete in dance, which is his forte, rather than continue to be an idol. If he decides to join the group and venture out into the world, I think it will be a very exciting time for him.

Tackey has revolutionized Johnny’s, but will he be the “first penguin” in the world of Japanese male idols? If he takes the lead and jumps into the ocean, I would like to give him my full support.

  • Interview and text by Nanako

    Born in Ehime Prefecture. After working at a broadcasting station, she became a freelance writer. She specializes in interviews with celebrities and analysis of popular events, and is always checking out serial dramas and popular Japanese movies. She is a famous beautiful writer in the magazine industry.

  • Photographed by Takero Shigumura

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