20,000 people demonstrate in pursuit! Why the beautiful first lady of South Korea “has been criticized intensely after her popularity has turned upside down. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

20,000 people demonstrate in pursuit! Why the beautiful first lady of South Korea “has been criticized intensely after her popularity has turned upside down.

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A crowd of nearly 20,000 people gathered in central Seoul on October 22 in opposition to the Yun administration (Image: Lee Jae-Won/Afro)

‘Special Prosecutor Investigate Mrs. Yoon’s Allegations of Career Fraud!

‘Mrs. Seoul must explain one allegation after another!

On October 22, a large demonstration took place near the Chongryeongmun Gate in the center of Seoul, the capital of South Korea. A crowd of nearly 20,000 people gathered. It was organized by the leftist group “Movement for Candle Victory and Change,” which held a “rally to denounce the administration” of President Yun Suk-yeol (Yun, 61).

The police initially estimated that about 7,000 people would attend. But in fact, the number more than doubled, to nearly 20,000 people. It was probably the largest demonstration against the Yun administration. It was not only against the injustice of President Yun that the crowd chanted. There was also a lot of criticism of Mrs. Kim Keon-hee (Kim Keon-hee, 50). A right-wing group that defended Yun and his wife was also demonstrating nearby, and for a time the atmosphere was bizarre, with shouts of abuse and anger flying about.

90,000 in fan clubs!

First Lady Kim’s popularity has been on the rise for some time. Last December, the fan site “Keon-Sarang (I love you, Keon-Sarang)” was launched. The number of members was initially around 30,000, but when Yun assumed the presidency in May of this year, the number of members quickly surpassed 90,000.

Yun is a woman of talent, and her unpretentious words and actions were well received by the public. Even after becoming First Lady, she is still a folksy person, taking out meals at downtown markets. She also casually shares her personal life on Instagram. Her favorite pair of white sandals (approx. 3,500 yen), which appeared on her Instagram, became a hot topic and sold out at all stores.

A search for “Kim Keon-hee” on “Neighbor Shopping,” a major Korean online shopping site, yielded more than 2,500 hits. Even if you narrow down the search to ‘Kim Keon-hee’s skirt,’ the popularity of the site is so great that about 1,500 hits are found.

(A reporter for a Korean newspaper).

The first is the alleged illegal manipulation of the stock price of a subsidiary of Deutsche Motors, which has sales rights in Korea. The second is her failure to declare her jewelry and other assets. The second is the failure to declare jewelry and other items, including accessories she wore during a visit to North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) countries in June (totaling approximately 10 million yen), which were not included in her assets.

The third is an allegation of plagiarism in a dissertation. The Korean Association of Private University Professors and other organizations pointed out that a dissertation for which he received a doctoral degree from Kookmin University’s Graduate School of Techno Design may have been ‘plagiarized. The fourth is that he was accompanied by a private citizen when he visited foreign countries. The wife of the presidential secretary for personnel affairs accompanied the president on his NATO trip and boarded the presidential plane, despite the fact that she was a civilian.

Due to a series of scandals involving his wife, the popularity of the Yun administration has plummeted. The opposition parties are intensifying their offensive against Mrs. Kim.

In September, the opposition parties decided to make the “Kim Keon-hee Special Prosecutor Law” a party rule, and the National Assembly appointed a special prosecutor to investigate and pursue the allegations against Mrs. Kim. A special prosecutor appointed by the National Assembly will investigate and pursue allegations against Mrs. Kim. According to a public opinion poll, 62.7% of the public said that a special prosecutor is necessary. This is much higher than the 32.4% who said it was not necessary.

The “Keon-Sarang” atmosphere of the past has faded away, and Mrs. Kim has been harshly criticized by the Korean media as a “wife of scandal” and a “disgraced first lady. The Yuns’ adversity continues.

  • Photo Lee Jae-Won/Afro

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