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Former Eastern Pacific Champion Convicted; Assault Victim Recounts Terrifying Night

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Oishi (right) was a super welterweight when he was active. Even before he became a boxer, he had bad behavior and was in constant trouble.

On September 15 of this year, it was revealed that Yutaka Oishi (37), a former super welterweight champion of the Oriental Pacific Boxing Championship, had been sentenced to two years in prison (suspended for four years) by the Osaka District Court. The charge is injury. He assaulted Mr. A, a male acquaintance from a boxing gym in his 60s, and injured him severely, requiring eight stitches to his face.

Mr. A was assaulted on September 2 of last year. Mr. A recalls the whole horror of the night he was assaulted.

I had loved Hiroki Ioka, a former world champion, since he was active in the sport. Oishi was a player there ( Ioka Boxing Gym). He was a boxer who won the West Japan Rookie of the Year title and later became the Oriental Pacific champion. After retiring, we started dating last January. We decided to have dinner together again on September 2 and visited a yakiniku restaurant that Oishi had opened in Osaka City with an acquaintance, former boxer Takahiro Yamamoto, and two women who knew him.

Yamamoto was a special advisor to Mirai Asakura on the popular martial arts event Yamamoto has also participated in the popular martial arts event “Breaking Yamamoto had participated in “Breaking Down,” a popular martial arts event for which Mirai Asakura served as a special advisor.

Around 7:00 p.m., Mr. A and Mr. Yamamoto arrived at the yakiniku restaurant. Oishi arrived at the restaurant about 30 minutes late.

Oishi was acting a little strange from the time he arrived at the restaurant. He was a little strange from the time he arrived at the restaurant,” said Yamamoto. So we decided to end our meal early. But Oishi said, ‘I’ll get you a car. So around 9 p.m., Oishi drove us to a lounge in Osaka City.

We started drinking at the lounge, and after a while, Oishi and Yamamoto started arguing. They got up and started arguing, and I said, ‘ stop it, stop it. Stop it, break it up.

Mr. A thought that if things continued as they were, it would turn into a fight, so he called off the drinking session around the time the date changed. However, the incident occurred after Mr. Yamamoto dropped him off and took him home.

I arrived home at about half past midnight,” Mr. A said. When I asked who it was, he said, ‘It’s from Yutaka (Oishi). About 10 minutes later, Oishi drove up to my house. He drove the wrong way down the one-way street in front of my house and parked his car at an angle to block the road. He rang the intercom over and over and said, ‘Where is the (Takahiro) Yamamoto kid? I said, ‘What time do you think it is?’ I tried to turn him away. ……”

Oishi, thinking that Mr. A was protecting Yamamoto, became furious and pushed Mr. A away.

While we were struggling, he pushed me and hit me on the head with all his might. I thought this was a bad idea and tried to enter the house, but he grabbed me by the neck from behind, pulled me around, and dragged me out to the front. Oishi is a big man, over 180 cm in height. It was a tremendous force. Yamamoto tried to stop me, but I wouldn’t listen. Oishi was swinging his arms around, and I was desperately trying to defend myself. My wife heard the commotion and came out of the house, but even she was pushed away ……. To protect my wife, I went back to the house to get something to protect her, but I couldn’t find anything.”

The moment Mr. A stepped out in front of the house again, he received a shock to the head.

For a moment, I went blank, and the next thing I knew I was on the ground. I was covered with blood all over my body. Oishi looked down at me and said, ‘Hey, get up! and ……. At that moment, I heard the sound of a police car, which my wife had alerted the police, and Oishi was startled and ran away.

What Oishi threw at Mr. A’s face was a bottle of Oronamin C with the contents inside. Mr. A was hit by the bottle at close range and suffered a large laceration above his right eye, requiring eight stitches.

After going to the hospital for treatment, Mr. A filed a damage report with the police station, and the entire assault was clearly recorded on a security camera installed at his home, leading to Oishi’s conviction on September 15 of this year.

Oishi has been rumored to have been in all sorts of trouble since he was in active service. But how could he raise his hand even to me …… who has taken care of him so far? Oishi uses the advertising phrase ‘former Oriental Pacific champion’ in the restaurants and boxi ing gyms he runs. A former professional boxer is an injury case. He should be stripped of his title. Frankly, I have nothing but anger toward him.”

Mr. A must have been horrified by the rampage of the former Oriental Pacific champion. Oishi did not appeal, and the verdict is now final.

Mr. A’s face was severely lacerated when a bottle of Oronamin C was thrown at him at close range. He said his eyes went blank from the impact.

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