Arrested 4 times…Cosmetic doctor “repeatedly sexually assaulted female patients” with appalling motives. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Arrested 4 times…Cosmetic doctor “repeatedly sexually assaulted female patients” with appalling motives.

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Takezawa, the suspect at the time of his arrest in June this year.

Clinic hours were over. Only a male doctor and a female patient in her 20s were in the clinic’s treatment room. The woman was unconscious due to the effects of the general anesthesia. The man removed the clothes of the woman, who was unable to move, and repeatedly performed sexual acts on her.

On October 13, the Metropolitan Police Department’s Investigation Division 1 arrested Shoichi Takezawa, 43, a former cosmetic surgeon, on suspicion of quasi-forcible sexual intercourse and quasi-forcible indecency. He is alleged to have sexually assaulted a sleeping female patient, Ms. A, at a beauty clinic in Edogawa Ward, Tokyo, where he worked as a director.

Ms. A had been going to Takezawa’s clinic for dermatological procedures since last November. She is believed to have been victimized twice, once on December 3 and once on December 11. The crime scenes were both in the treatment room. Especially on the 11th, the crime was committed at night when the clinic hours were over, and the clinic was almost empty. Ms. A, who was under general anesthesia, woke up and went home in a dizzy state, but she was not aware that she had been a victim,” said a reporter from the society department of a national newspaper.

A female subordinate in a daze at her own apartment: ……

This is not the first time Takezawa’s crime was revealed; in fact, this is the fourth time he has been arrested. Not only patients but also female staff members of the clinic have been victimized.

The first incident, which came to light in March of this year, occurred when Takezawa went to a karaoke bar in Katsushika Ward with a female subordinate in her 20s and laced her food and drink with sleeping pills. When she became unconscious, Takezawa took her to his apartment in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, and indecently assaulted her.

In April, another female staff member in her 20s was involved in an incident. Takezawa invited her out to dinner at a restaurant. Immediately after leaving the table, however, the woman suddenly lost her memory and her consciousness became clouded. The suspect puts her in a cab and takes her to his apartment. He gave her sleeping pills and repeatedly performed indecent acts on her at home.

Takezawa captured the sexual assault on video on his smartphone and other devices. More than 10 women were subjected to indecent acts. The crime against Patient A, introduced at the beginning of this article, was discovered by comparing the date and time of the video recording with the medical records left at the clinic.

The suspect, Takezawa, seems to have lived a life of considerable feathers.

He graduated from Kawasaki Medical University in Okayama Prefecture in March 2004 and opened his clinic last October. The apartment he lived in was a ‘billion-dollar condominium’ with 58 stories above ground and two below. He drove a Mercedes Benz, Maserati, and other luxury foreign cars, and always smelled of perfume. He was about 180 cm tall and well built, with blond hair that was cropped on the side.

His name on the SNS was “Shoichi Takezawa Alan. He posted the flags of Japan and Iran and called himself half-Middle Eastern, but we do not know the truth. Sometimes he would come to the clinic in a casual attire, such as an aloha shirt and shorts.

Takezawa misused his knowledge as a doctor to humiliate patients and female staff members. The police investigated him, and he reportedly gave the following appalling statement about his motive for committing the crime: “I was going out with a girlfriend at the time, and we broke up.

I broke up with my girlfriend at the time, and I was in a strange mental state, so I committed the crime. There is no doubt that he sexually assaulted these women.

Takezawa is believed to have more crimes to his name.

  • Photographed by Shinji Hasuo

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