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The Surprising Reason Why Married Women Are Falling for “Women-Only Sex Services” One after Another

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She started going to “women’s sex clubs” in search of healing, but found herself in a “swamp” of pain. Following the first part of this report, “The End of a Single Mother in Her Thirties Who Got Swamped in a “Women-Only Sex Industry”,” we present an interview with Asuka, who became addicted to “Gachi-Koi” and spent 6 million yen on it.

Women’s clubs are places where women can be healed, but at the same time, they are dangerous places where women can become addicted to the “swamp”.

Seeing a therapist is the only thing that makes my life worth living.

It was a euphoria I had never experienced in my life. I think people who get addicted to drugs want to feel this way so badly that they can’t stop. That’s why they continue to have a relationship with him.

Asuka recalls how she was “in love” with J-kun, a female wind therapist, at the time. However, at the time of the first encounter, she was still willing to accept the fact that he was a female therapist. However, as they exchanged e-mails and made repeated appointments, Asuka became more and more infatuated with J-kun.

She said things like, ‘We are in love with each other,’ ‘I think about Aska every day,’ and ‘I trust her the most. I had never used such a service before, so I didn’t think that these kinds of words were sales lies. I was in a state of “flower garden in my brain. The final straw was when he told me, “I would never lie to Aska. When he says that, I usually believe him. All I could think about was him.

But that was also the beginning of a difficult period of my life. I could not see him for months at a time because of his schedule.

If we only saw each other for 15 hours a month, the other 29 days and 9 hours were much harder. So every day during that time, J-kun, whom I love, is at work, meeting other women. So my heart is always in shambles. But that is my normal state, so when I get a line or a phone call once in a while, my joy is not half as great as it should be. I am as happy as if I had won 10 billion yen in the lottery. I can’t forget this euphoric feeling, and I can’t stop seeing him.

One meeting with J-kun costs around 150,000 yen, including fees and hotel charges. That’s a lot of money for Asuka, who has a day job.

At first I thought it was expensive, but as I was paying it to meet J-kun, I became numb to it and felt like I was buying something a little more expensive at a convenience store. In order to become a woman worthy of him, I spent money on brand-name goods and self-polishing, which I had never bought before.

However, no matter how much Asuka loved J-kun, he turned out to be nothing more than a customer, and Asuka’s twisted days of happiness came to an end.

He confessed to me at the very end that he had never felt romantic feelings for Aska at all. Then I found out that his previous words were a lie. What was even more shocking was that when I accused him of lying, he said, ‘These are things that sex industry users should know. I don’t know if the rules he said about sex services are correct or not. But I felt so disappointed to think that I had sacrificed a huge amount of time, 6 million yen of money, and energy just because I did not know about them. So I decided that I had to tell people who didn’t know about the rules, and I started my blog.

Asuka’s blog, “The Dangerous ‘Sex Industry for Women'” (Ameba Blog), in which she describes her own experiences, has been a hit with women’s sex industry users, and has even been made into a comic book titled “I’m a simple office worker, but I fell in love with a top-notch therapist – 150,000 yen a night. Asuka’s blog received comments from many users who are addicted to and troubled by the female sex industry.

She said, “‘Isn’t this a common story in the male sex industry?’ But it is obvious that women’s sex is more addictive. However, I feel that there are more cases of addiction to women’s sex than men’s sex. This may have something to do with the difference in the instinctive mental behavior of men and women.

Megumi was almost addicted to the “motherly instincts” when she was tickled by them

Megumi is a teacher in her 40s who lives in Tokyo. She has set a strict rule for her style of using Jogafu. She says that she uses Onnaikaze “so that I don’t wither as a woman until I have a boyfriend.

I only go when the therapist’s newcomer discount or limited-time offer is 10,000 yen for two hours. Even 10,000 yen is expensive, but a regular oil massage or lymphatic drainage costs about 10,000 yen, so if it’s 10,000 yen, I’ll go for the women’s style. I never appoint the same therapist more than twice because if I repeat, I have to pay the regular fee. Actually, the sex and the sex act were not so good. To be honest, the sex I have had with my boyfriend was definitely better. Every time I go to a women’s club, I reconfirm that I was loved by all the men I have been with (laughs).

Even Megumi once wondered whether she should repeat the experience.

If a therapist is someone I like and I think ‘I like’ him or her, I can’t forget about him or her. I thought about repeating that therapy, and I almost got a little swamped, chiming in and sending messages and checking Twitter to stay connected as much as possible.”

Even Megumi, who says that following her own rules raises her self-esteem, almost broke her own rules. As to the reason for this, she said.

I have a child, but I think I have feelings similar to maternal instincts. I have a child, and the moment I held her in my arms for the first time in her life, I felt a burst of emotion. It’s a little bit similar to that. It’s a little different from falling in love. I think it’s easy to be pulled in because of that kind of female-specific emotion. Perhaps it’s a different feeling than men going into the sex industry.”

Thanks to Nyofu, Lier was able to recover the “woman” that she had almost forgotten.

It seems that there is something about Onnafu that is not found in the male sex industry. Aska calls it a “brain bug.

She says, “I often get advice from prostitutes and people who are in the water business that they are troubled. Even those people who understand in their heads that male-female relationships are a business can become addicted to it. No matter how much they understand it in their heads, when they make out, their bodies think, ‘I love this person. For women who live by their hearts, jo-kaze is an addictive service,” says Aska.

That is not to say that jogafu is dangerous. There are many women who feel that their lives have been enriched by attending Jogaze.

Rie (pseudonym), a customer service worker in her 50s, still sees the therapist she first used about once every two months.

I’m in my 50s, I’m not popular anymore, and I’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to be a woman. But I still don’t want to wither away. I am most afraid of withering away like this. So, I gathered up my courage and went to the women’s style. What impressed me the most was that they did what I wanted them to do without me having to tell them. For the first time at Nyofu, I was escorted like a foreigner, and when I asked her to ‘just sleep with me,’ she silently slept with me and patted my head. I learned at Nyofu that really masculine people are kind. I learned at Nyofu that really masculine people are very kind, and it made me think that I should try my best in my daily life to be feminine so that I can shine in order to go to Nyofu. I am truly grateful.

Jogaze can enrich women’s hearts and minds. However, once hooked, it is not easy to get out.

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