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The actors she plays with always get a break…! Sugisaki Hana’s “Amazing Special Power

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September of this year. In September of this year, Sugisaki was on location for “It’s Love! Sugisaki on location for the

The Wednesday drama starring Hana Sugisaki (24), “Koi Desu! (NTV), starring Hana Sugisaki (24), is gaining momentum. (NTV), starring Hana Sugisaki (24), is gaining momentum. The average viewership has yet to reach double digits, at 8.7% after two episodes, but “#I’m in love” is trending on Twitter. However, “#love” is trending on Twitter, and there are many comments saying, “I’m so in love with you!

She is known for her excellent performance in NHK’s morning drama “Ochoyan,” which ended in May this year, and her acting skills are well recognized by everyone. She is what you would call a possessive actress.

However, she has not received much attention due to her high level of talent, but in fact, it is in romantic films that her true value is shown the most. This becomes apparent when you see the breakthroughs of the men she has played opposite Sugisaki.

Sugisaki’s first starring role in a royal romance was in “Hanaochikare: Hanao Next Season” (TBS), which aired in 2018. This is the second season of a drama starring Matsumoto Jun (38) and Inoue Mao (34) that was such a hit that it became a social phenomenon, and so great was its success that it was expected to be a flop, let alone surpass its predecessor.

The “National Treasure Good Looking” Champion

However, even though the ratings did not reach double digits, the show was very well received by the viewers. This was proven by the huge breakthrough of Hirano Shiki (24), who played the role opposite Sugisaki in the drama. Hirano made her debut as a member of the idol group King & Prince just as the drama was airing. Since this was the first lead role in a commercial TV drama, the key to his success lay in how well he could attract viewers.

By the end of the drama, Hirano’s popularity had skyrocketed. He was even inducted into the hall of fame of the women’s magazine “ViVi” as the champion of its popular “National Treasure Grade Handsome Ranking” for two consecutive seasons. Of course, Hirano had been attracting attention as a gem since his days at Johnny’s Junior. However, Sugisaki’s good performance must have contributed a lot to the fact that she was able to make such a great start.

I am convinced of this because I saw how well Narita Ryo (27), who co-starred with Sugisaki in “Ocho-yan,” was received. Narita had already been slowly gaining attention as a unique actor. However, perhaps his overly cool appearance due to his background as a model was a bottleneck, and he was mostly appreciated for his quirky roles such as murderers and dames, and was unable to win the hearts of women in romantic roles.

However, when he played the heroine’s overly scummy husband Ippei in “Ochoyan,” he received a surprisingly positive response, with comments such as “I can’t hate him” and “I can painfully understand his complex in front of his perfect wife.

Narita has always been distinguished from other handsome actors by the fact that he is handsome but has a certain melancholy about him. In “Ochoyan,” his “emotiveness” was on full display, which was no doubt brought out by Sugisaki, who played his wife.

At ……, you can find the current drama “Koi Desu! Sugino Harusuke (26), who plays opposite Sugisaki in the current drama “It’s Love! In fact, “Sugino-kun” is trending on Twitter, and people are talking about him as “cute” and “handsome! In fact, “Sugino-kun” is trending on Twitter, and people are talking about how cute and handsome he is. In fact, “Sugino-kun” is trending on Twitter, and people are talking about how cute and handsome he is.

The unlucky character is ……

Seeing Sugino’s buzz, I felt that Hana Sugisaki is definitely an actress who can bring out the best in her male counterparts. This is because Sugino is a handsome actor who has been in the limelight as a potential breakout star for a long time, but has been unable to make a breakthrough.

Sugino belongs to Topcoat, a major agency that also houses the likes of Masaki Sugata and Tori Matsuzaka, and he entered the entertainment industry in 2015 after winning the grand prix in an exclusive model audition for the popular boys’ fashion magazine FINEBOYS.

Top Court is more of an elite agency. As such, they put a lot of effort into marketing the talents they acquire. Sugino, too, suddenly found herself in a drama starring Satomi Ishihara, “Jimi ni Sugoi! (2016, NTV), which starred Satomi Ishihara, Sugino went on to play the main character in one big movie after another, including “Kiseki: Ano Hi no Sobito” (2017), “Great Love – Boku wo Forget You” (2018, TBS), and “Haken no Dignity” (2020, NTV). (2020/Japan TV).

However, his clean and well-groomed face, which can be described as the ultimate salt face, can be noticed when he is in close-up. But when she played supporting roles, she could not stand out. In Ryoko Shinohara’s popular “Haken no Hinkaku” (The Dignity of Haken), he got an important role as a subordinate who adores Shinohara, which seemed to be a turning point for him, but unfortunately, the character was set to wear glasses. However, unfortunately, the character had glasses, so Sugino’s handsomeness was not very apparent, and the drama somehow ended after 8 episodes, which was shorter than usual, amidst the Corona disaster.

Sugino was finally blessed with a film. That was “Love! This is “Love! In this drama, Sugino plays the role of Morio Kurokawa, a yankee who falls in love with Yukiko, a woman with low vision played by Sugisaki. The character of Morio, who is quick to fight and a bit silly but a good guy, not only fits Sugino’s character well, but as a 185cm tall model actor, he looks very stylish in his flashy yankee style jackets and black clothes.

I’ve never been interested in anything that I thought was cool, but this is really nice. It’s only been two episodes and I’m already a fan! “In the past, I’ve never been interested in anything that wasn’t cool, but this is really great. I think this will be his masterpiece.” Many people are predicting Sugino’s “breakthrough”.

I know I’m repeating myself, but there is no doubt that it is Hana Sugisaki, the star of the film, who has brought out Sugino’s natural good looks. Yukiko, played by Sugisaki, is attracted to Morio’s purity, which is different from what she looks like, and it makes me smile when I see it.

The drama will likely face many obstacles in the future, such as Yukiko’s sister’s opposition to their relationship and the interruption of a childhood friend who has feelings for Morio. With each obstacle, Sugino’s charm will be brought out by Sugisaki. It looks like Sugisaki is about to give another actor a breakthrough.

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