A slap off the jaw… The reason why the softball club advisor was appalled by the “corporal punishment of female club members”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A slap off the jaw… The reason why the softball club advisor was appalled by the “corporal punishment of female club members”.

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The principal of Himeji Jogakuin held a press conference on October 3 and apologized (Image: Kyodo News)

My daughter forgot her uniform.

It was before a game at a regional tournament on September 24 when the mother of a female member called the softball club’s male advisor.

The mother had forgotten her uniform before, and the male advisor was furious. He tells the mother, “Can I give you a smack? The mother, not really expecting corporal punishment, replies, “I’ll leave it to you. The man slaps the female member on the left cheek with his right hand as hard as he can as she approaches him to apologize. The female club member was made to stand by the man’s side for more than five hours with her jaw hanging off the floor, and was told, “Go home! I don’t want you! and “I don’t want you!

A male teacher, 41, was found to have physically punished a member of the softball team at Himeji Jogakuin High School in Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture, by slapping B, 16, who had forgotten her uniform. Ms. B’s jaw was dislocated and she sustained a serious injury that required a month of recovery. Ms. B returned home in tears.

The next day, September 25, another match was held, and Mr. A again cursed Mr. B, saying, “Are you sure you are sorry for what you did? and cursed Mr. B again. He kicked Mr. B twice in the buttocks as he tried to put on his spikes and hit him on the head. Another female advisor was nearby, but she was unable to stop the corporal punishment.

Mr. B was in a state of mental shock and was unable to attend school. Mr. A reported the incident to the school on September 26. Mr. A is now under house arrest.

These people are scum.

Himeji Jogakuin is a prestigious school where many club activities participate in national tournaments (Image: Kyodo News)

Himeji Jogakuin held an explanatory meeting for parents of its softball team on October 1. The 20 or so parents who attended pointed out Mr. A’s unbelievable behavior.

They said that Mr. A routinely tapped club members on the head and shoulders. At an interscholastic game, he even said to a teacher from another school, ‘These guys are scum,’ as if he was demeaning the members of the club. In response to the school’s investigation, Mr. A is said to have explained that he thought it was just a joke.

The school held a press conference on October 3, at which the principal, Masahiko Suruga, apologized, saying, “I am truly sorry. What became clear at the press conference was the appalling reason for the corporal punishment of Mr. B. Mr. A gave the following explanation to the school.

Mr. A told the school, “Mr. B had a personality that made him forget things and was unable to understand even if I told him the same thing over and over again. With only 10 members in the club, he forgot his uniform and was in a pinch to not be able to play the game. I was furious because there had been cases in the past of people forgetting their uniforms. (The softball club is a strengthening club) I lost myself trying to somehow get a good grade.”

Ms. B is said to have told other members of the club that she would quit playing softball and would no longer wear the uniform. Himeji Jogakuin is a prestigious school founded in 1921, but the unforgivable corporal punishment has tarnished the school’s traditional name.

The female members of the club who were subjected to corporal punishment are considering quitting softball. Koji Aoki/Afro)
  • Photo: Kyodo News Co. Kyodo News Co.

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