Why TV Asahi’s Toru Tamagawa’s comments about Dentsu “stunned” the TV industry | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Why TV Asahi’s Toru Tamagawa’s comments about Dentsu “stunned” the TV industry

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Shinichi Hatori makes harsh comments about “Morning Show” commentator Toru Tamagawa

On October 5, freelance announcer Shinichi Hatori commented on TV Asahi employee Toru Tamagawa, a commentator on the “Shinichi Hatori Morning Show” (TV Asahi), where he serves as MC.

Mr. Tamagawa has been suspended for 10 days starting today. I am very sorry to all those who were inconvenienced and offended by his comments, as well as to our viewers,” said Mr. Tamagawa.

He bowed deeply and apologized. He also asked

I believe that I should explain once again why I made such a statement and apologize for it. Once again, I am very sorry.

He also threw harsh words at Tamagawa, saying, “I am very sorry again.

Speaking of Tamagawa, he was criticized in the program for the moving eulogy given by former Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide at the state funeral of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, which was highly acclaimed by the public.

He said, “As a director of television, I have worked on the production side, so that’s the way I would make it. As a producer, I will think about it so that there is no hint of a political agenda. Of course, Dentsu is involved in this.

But later, he said that Dentsu was not involved in the production at all. Later, however, he was forced to apologize because Dentsu was not involved at all.

He was suspended from work for 10 days on April 4, due to a problem within the company. In addition, the head of the Information Program Center of the News Bureau and the chief producer of the Information Program Center of the same bureau were censured.

Dentsu was “falsely implicated” in the incident, which apparently fell on deaf ears. In response to Tamagawa’s statement, another employee of a commercial TV station commented

A commercial TV station employee said, “A commercial TV station employee would not say anything so careless as to make an enemy of Dentsu. Perhaps Mr. Tamagawa does not understand because he has only worked in the field, but from the perspective of TV station sales, Dentsu personnel are often in a higher position than he is.

A decade ago, if a TV station sales person made a poor move on Dentsu, he or she would get down on their knees and apologize, or some would even go and apologize themselves by shaving their heads. There is no way that kind of thing could be said to Dentsu, the company that brings us sponsors. I was absolutely stunned when I saw him speak on a news program about the “mastermind = Dentsu,” a theory that has become an urban legend on Internet message boards, without checking the details of his statement.

He testified to the importance of Dentsu, the top advertising agency.

In the past, Dentsu has been criticized by the public over the issue of overwork deaths. Recently, it was revealed that Dentsu was at the beck and call of Haruyuki Takahashi, a former director of the Tokyo Olympics Organizing Committee and a former Dentsu employee.

The public’s image of Dentsu has inevitably taken a turn for the worse,” said Mr. Tamagawa, “and just when I was looking for a way to clear my name, Mr. Tamagawa started a fight with me. He must be very angry.

However, I am not saying that Mr. Tamagawa is the only one to blame. The program producers are also very much to blame for not making him retract his comment and apologize during the on-air broadcast. It seems that there were no staff members who cared enough about the popular Mr. Tamagawa to speak out against him.

At TV Asahi’s regular president’s press conference, Hiroshi Shinozuka, president of TV Asahi, said, “This time, the program was not based on fact.

“It is truly regrettable that there were comments made in the program that were not based on the facts. From now on, we will thoroughly instruct our staff to prevent a recurrence.

He also criticized the employees on the frontline. However, Tamagawa said that he would return to the studio after taking 10 broadcasts off.

The hashtag “#Tamagawa Toru must be removed from the show” is still being spread on Twitter. Will Mr. Tamagawa, who has sold out to Dentsu, be able to return to TV without incident?

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