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Seiya’s first child is born! Japanese Major Leaguer Couple “Moment of Happiness” Photo

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Seiya Suzuki and his wife Airi. Taken in July 2007, just before they joined the family.

Seiya Suzuki (28) of the Cubs is doing well.

On October 3 (Japan time) against the Reds, he played at third base and contributed to the team’s victory, going 4-for-2 with two runs scored. This was his 25th multi-hit game, extending his consecutive-game hit streak to eight.

Suzuki was out of the lineup from September 18 to 28. He was on the “father’s list” and temporarily returned to Japan to attend the birth of his wife, Airi. According to the baseball team, their first child, a healthy boy, was born safely.

He must have been even more motivated after becoming a father. After the birth of his baby boy, his batting average was close to 40%, and he hit the game-winning home run No. 14 against the Reds on October 2, telling the press after the game, “I am grateful to the baseball team for allowing me to rest. I am grateful to the baseball team for giving me a break. I want to do my best in the remaining games to repay the favor. My child is still small, so I want to play until he grows up.

Suzuki and his wife Airi, a former member of Japan’s rhythmic gymnastics team, met in the summer of 2006.

They had dinner together through a mutual acquaintance. They are the same age, both from Tokyo, and both athletes …… who have been involved in sports since childhood. Seiya and Airi had a lot in common and hit it off immediately. Airi went all the way to Hiroshima to cheer for Seiya’s Carp team,” said an acquaintance of the two.

The support of his wife is probably a major factor in the Japanese major leaguer’s ability to play to his heart’s content. We would like to introduce the happiness of this heartwarming couple through their treasured photos.

Going to a high-class sushi restaurant with a Major Leaguer who accompanied Mrs. Kikuchi

Yusei Kikuchi and Mariners players coming out of a sushi restaurant. The beautiful woman in the center is Mrs. Rumi.

The wife of Yusei Kikuchi, 31, a member of the Blue Jays since this season, is also an excellent woman.

Rumi, a former freelance announcer and fashion model, is in charge of NHK’s international sports programs and speaks fluent English. She often accompanies Kikuchi, who is not good at foreign languages, and sometimes acts as an interpreter for him with major league players.

In March 2007, when Kikuchi moved to the Major Leagues, he was assigned to the Mariners, his team at the time. In March 2007, when he moved to the major leagues, Kikuchi invited his teammates to a high-class sushi restaurant in Tokyo to deepen their friendship with the players of the Mariners, his team at the time.

Yusei held a social gathering with his fellow players at a sushi restaurant before the opening two-game series against the Athletics at the Tokyo Dome. At the time, Yusei had only been with the Mariners a short time. He probably set up the dinner party to get closer to his fellow players and integrate himself into the team.

Mrs. Rumi was also in attendance. The name of the sushi restaurant was ‘Ichiro,’ and I hear that she put the mood at ease by saying, ‘It’s pronounced the same as the Mariners legend,'” (Kikuchi’s acquaintance).

The food, the language, the consulting partners, and ……. It seems that the role of a partner who supports a Japanese player competing in a foreign country is larger than one might imagine.

Masahiro Tanaka and his wife Mai Satoda at the U.S. Open Tennis Tournament in September 2002 (Image: Splash/Afro)
The only two shots of Hideki Matsui and his wife, taken in February 2007.
July 2001. Ichiro and his wife Yumiko head to a sushi restaurant after a game in his hometown of Seattle during his first season in the majors.
In December 2007, the tall couple, Suzuki 181 cm and his wife Airi 170 cm, stood out in the crowded Haneda Airport lobby.
July 19. Two shots of Suzuki and his wife Airi.
  • Photographed by Takahiro Kagawa Takao Kawakami Yasuko Sakaguchi Shoichiro Tsuboi

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