The identity and reputation of the “married man in his 40s” who had an affair with the former president of Snow Peak | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The identity and reputation of the “married man in his 40s” who had an affair with the former president of Snow Peak

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Former President Risa Yamai giving an interview

The news of the resignation of a female president caused a stir.

On September 21, Risa Yamai, 34, the third president of Snow Peak, a company that manufactures and sells outdoor equipment, announced her resignation. The reason for her resignation was her “relationship with a married man and pregnancy. The resignation of a president for ‘dating a married man’ is extremely unusual.

Risa became the third president in March 2020, attracting attention for her unusually young age (32 years old) and for her style, which included posting pictures of herself squatting and smoking on the street on Instagram and not trying to hide the tattoo on her arm.

A new development in the case was reported in the electronic edition of the Weekly Bunshun on September 28 that the “married man” was Mr. A, a street fashion designer in his 40s.

Who is this Mr. A, whose relationship with Risa was discussed?

Mr. A graduated from a local public university specializing in design and launched his own brand in 2003. Mr. A himself is known in the industry as an up-and-coming designer. He designed the packaging for a product Snow Peak launched last year. It is believed that their relationship began there.

When I rang the intercom at Mr. A’s home, located in a quiet residential area of Tokyo, a woman answered the door.

–This is Friday. I would like to ask you about the relationship between Risa Yamai and Mr. A….

What is it about?”

-Is it your wife?

Yes, but (about what you asked) I don’t know what it’s about.”

With that, the intercom went dead.

We also visited Risa at her home in Tokyo, but she did not answer the intercom.

In the wake of the recent turmoil, the previous president, Futoshi Yamai, 62, was reappointed as president of Snow Peak. Futoshi had said that he would choose a successor in his 30s when he turned 60. Will he be able to find another successor?

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