Resigned due to pregnancy with a married man…female president with tattoos on her arms “surprisingly true face”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Resigned due to pregnancy with a married man…female president with tattoos on her arms “surprisingly true face”.

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Yamai, who had been actively appearing in the media to talk about the appeal of the outdoors (Image: Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun/Kyodo News Images)

This is probably an unprecedented situation: the resignation of Risa Yamai, 34, president of the comprehensive outdoor manufacturer “Snow Peak” announced on September 21. The company made the following comment on its website.

Risa Yamai, President and CEO of Snow Peak, has tendered her resignation from her position as a director of Snow Peak and its group companies due to her relationship with a married man and her pregnancy. Today, the Company accepted the letter of resignation, and at an extraordinary meeting of the Board of Directors, it was resolved that Futoshi Yamai, currently Representative Director, Chairman and Executive Officer, will concurrently serve as Representative Director, President and Executive Officer, effective as of today.

Mr. Yamai is stepping down as president because he is dating a married man and is pregnant. The name of the other man has not been disclosed. Yamai was 32 years old when she took over as president of Snow Peak from her father, Futoshi. He resigned after only two years. What kind of woman is Ms. Yamai? What we found out was a surprisingly true story.

Actively appearing on TV programs

Her tattoos on both arms have caused controversy (Image: Jiji Press)

Yamai was born in November 1987 in Sanjo, Niigata Prefecture. After attending a girls’ high school in the prefecture, she went on to Bunka Fashion Graduate University in Shibuya, Tokyo. She gained experience as a designer’s assistant at a domestic apparel brand before joining Snow Peak in August 2012.

Ms. Yamai is a very capable designer. Two years after joining the company, she launched her own business, “Snow Peak Apparel,” and developed fashionable outdoor wear one after another. She has loved camping since she was a child. When she was in elementary school, she spent every weekend at the campground.

On the other hand, her father, Tai, who did not initially want her to take over the business, let his daughter freely do the drawing and clothing designing she liked. Mr. Yamai naturally honed his talent for the outdoors and fashion from an early age,” says a fashion industry insider.

After becoming president in March 2008, Mr. Yamai launched a series of new businesses, including the opening of FIELD SUITE SPA HEADQUARTERS, designed by architect Kengo Kuma, in his hometown of Sanjo. The documentary variety show “7R” was a great success.

He has also been active in the media, appearing on the documentary variety show “7RULES” (Fuji TV). He became a billboard himself, conveying the appeal of the outdoors to the world. The camping boom caused by the new coronavirus led to strong business results. As a young female president, she attracted attention even from outside the outdoor industry.

In her personal life, we can see an uninhibited side to her.

She was fond of music and theater, and frequently appeared at DJ events and underground theaters. On both arms, he has tattoos of foreign languages and other characters. He once published a photo of his tattoos on his Instagram page, which caused controversy, saying, ‘How is it appropriate for the president of a company listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange? He himself often said, ‘I am a heretic as a manager.

Mr. Yamai’s resignation as president has given him a freer position. He is expected to make use of his high ability as a freelance designer in the future.

Yamai is highly regarded as a designer (Image: Jiji Press)
  • Photo Jiji Press, Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun/ Kyodo News Images

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