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Next up, Haruka Fukuhara! Yuna Kuroshima, Eri Fukatsu…Morning Drama Actress “Hot Love & Dating” Photos

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Kengo Kora and Kuroshima on a date in Tokyo in June 2008.

I’m so excited that it’s finally going to air. I am thrilled and excited. I am thrilled and excited. I am filming every day in the hope that it will bring courage, smiles, and a positive message to many people.

Haruka Fukuhara, the heroine of the NHK television series “Soar! She said she burst into tears when she won the long-sought heroine’s position in the audition of 2,545 people who applied for the role. The story is set in Osaka and the Goto Islands in Nagasaki, where the main character, Mai, played by Fukuhara, who yearns for the sky, struggles to become a pilot.

Fukuhara says she aspired to be an actress when she was in junior high school after watching the morning drama “Ohisama” (starring Mao Inoue), which aired from April 2011. At the press conference, she also said, “I think it depends on how you look at it.

I felt that I could change my life by the way I saw the drama. That was a big part of me, and I wanted to be in a morning drama someday so that I could give a little push to the people who watch them.

Many famous actresses have appeared in successive morning dramas. Yuna Kuroshima (25) in “Chimu Doton” (broadcast from April 2010), Eri Fukatsu (49) in “Come Come Everybody” (November 2009), Erika Toda (34) in “Scarlet” (September 2007), and Anne (36) in “Gochisousan” (September 2001). Anne (36) in “Gochisousan” (September 2001). We would like to introduce their charms through “love & dating” photos.

16 years of dating!

Fukatsu and a famous stylist have been dating for 16 years.

Come Come Everybody,” based on a radio English course, tells the 100-year story of three generations of mothers, daughters, and grandchildren who lived from the Taisho era to Reiwa 2022. The highest rating was 19.7% (last episode), and the average was a high 17.2%. Fukatsu played one of the heroines.

Fukatsu-san played the second heroine, “Kijima Rui. Ms. Fukatsu was cast in the role from the time she was 18 years old. She was cast in a role that was 30 years older than her actual age, so she had a lot of trouble with the role. Ms. Fukatsu rented an apartment in the Kansai region and commuted to a film studio in Osaka Prefecture.

Her stylist, Haruhisa Shirayama, supported her both publicly and privately. In “Come Come Everybody,” Mr. Shirayama’s name appears as Fukatsu’s exclusive stylist. Mr. Hakusan accompanied Ms. Fukatsu on her photo shoots, and the two are good partners,” said an entertainment production official.

FRIDAY” also caught Fukatsu and Hakusan’s love affair. It was July 2006, about 16 years ago, when Fukatsu and Hakusan were seen walking down a street at night in a shared umbrella. I have witnessed many celebrities sharing an umbrella on many occasions, but it is rare to see two people as picturesque as they are.

Fukatsu-san seems to feel more at ease when she is around Hakusan-san. For her, “Come Come Everybody” is the first drama she has starred in since “Suteki na Kakidotsuri – Perfectly Perfect Concierge” (Fuji TV series) 11 years ago. Ms. Shirayama is also advising Ms. Fukatsu on how to coordinate her everyday clothes.

Actresses have made great strides with the help of morning dramas. The support of their trusted partners is probably the reason for the good performances of these actresses.

Haruna Kawaguchi, who appeared in “Chimu Doton,” and her boyfriend, martial artist Yusuke Yaji, photographed in April 2009.
Toda and Momori Matsuzaka on a date at a movie theater in March 2009.
Anne and Masahiro Higashide, who co-starred in Gochisousan. Divorced due to Higashide’s infidelity; photographed one year after their marriage in January 2003.
Tadayoshi Okura and Yuriko Yoshitaka, who appeared in “Hanako to Anne” (broadcast from March 2002), after returning from a trip to Bali, photographed in November 2004.
Machiko Ono and her husband, an executive director of an entertainment production company, in “Carnation” (broadcast from October 2011), photographed in July 2004.
Hiromi Nagasaku and her husband, Hiromi Nagasaku, who appeared in and her husband, Maro Naito, a filmmaker, photographed in May 2009.
On location for the drama “Tsubasa” (March 2009). Mikako Tabe and Yasushi Seto in “Tsubasa” (broadcast from March 2009), photographed in March 2008.
  • Photography by Yuri Adachi, Takero Yuzoku, Sota Shima, Junsei Todoroki, Maki Nemoto, Ippei Hara

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