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Tomoyo Harada, Yonekura, Kamishiraishi… The true faces of the “aura of leading actresses” in autumn dramas

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Harada and Shiina enjoying a meal at a horumon-yaki restaurant. Taken in June this year.

A cool evening breeze was blowing in the evening of June this year. A luxury car pulled up in front of an apartment building in Minato Ward, Tokyo. In the driver’s seat was a man wearing a baseball cap and short sleeves and short pants. It was actor Kippei Shiina (57). A few moments later, a pretty woman in a beige dress came out of the entrance, rolling a large suitcase.

The beautiful woman walked straight up to Shiina’s car. When I took a closer look at her face, which was hidden by a mask, I realized that she was Tomoyo Harada (53), an actress! She looks as if she’s been around since she was a teenager, with good looks and youthfulness.

How did Shiina and Harada, who is now in her 50s and is becoming more and more prominent in movies and TV dramas, meet?

The first time they met was in 2006, when they co-starred in the drama series “Unexploded Bombs – Manipulating Black Money” (WOWOW). Mr. Shiina spent a long time as an apprentice before he became successful, while Mr. Harada got his big break right after his debut at the age of 14. Shiina said that she had been a fan of Harada’s ever since their early days together, and now that they are in their 50s, they have been in contact with each other for three long years, and it seems that they started dating seriously around the beginning of this year.

Harada is starring in the TV drama “Snack Kizuki” (TV Tokyo), which started on October 8. The heroines are all attractive actresses. Harada is one of them. Here is a look at the true face of the “autumn drama actress” caught by this magazine.

Perfect style that attracts the attention of customers

Ryoko Yonekura walking in the Hiroo area of Tokyo. She was wearing all black, which suited her slender figure.

In late May of 2007, a beautiful woman with an outstanding aura was shopping at a high-end supermarket in Hiroo, Tokyo, where many celebrities go. She was wearing a black cap, sunglasses, jacket and spats, and gold sneakers on her feet. Her legs are incredibly long and thin, and I can’t stop looking at them. It was actress Yonekura Ryoko (46). Yonekura stars in the popular TV series “Doctor X: Surgeon Daimon Michiko” (TV Asahi). This is the seventh series.

Yonekura, carrying a paper bag from a supermarket bakery, went to the next convenience store while looking at her phone screen. She peers at the shelves lined with vegetable juices and smoothies, but then looks down at her phone again and stands at the back of the store for several minutes just typing on her phone. In the end, he bought a single rice ball and headed home.

At the French Film Festival 2020 in Yokohama in December 2008, Yonekura appeared in a fresh kimono and made the following appeal: “It’s a shame that the spread of the new coronavirus is forcing so many people to live in hardship. In December 2008, she appeared at the “French Film Festival 2020 in Yokohama” in a fresh kimono and appealed, “Cinema is our hope. The film is our hope. I’m very happy that we can hold this festival so that cultural exchange between Japan and France will never cease,” said an employee of a commercial TV station.

Sweaty, all-out run with a great actress

Ayase and Kamishiraishi dashing down a slope, photographed in November 2007.

A slope in Ota Ward, Tokyo, which often appears in TV dramas and movies, where a large number of film crew members gathered in November 2007 for a location shooting. There are two of them, Haruka Ayase in a suit and Moka Kamishiraishi (21) in a G-jacket. Kamishiraishi is appearing in “Miyabe Miyuki: Solomon’s Perjury” (WOWOW Prime, etc.), which started on October 3.

What they were filming that day was a special drama sequel to “My Mother-in-law and Her Daughter’s Blues” (TBS), which was broadcast in 2006. Apparently, it was a scene where they were running down a hill, and Ayase and Kamishiraishi were running hard down the hill many times, shaking their hair and showing no signs of fatigue.

“In the 2006 broadcast, the scene of a stubborn career woman, played by Ayase, coming to terms with her bloodless daughter, played by Kamishiraishi, was so moving that it garnered high viewer ratings. They were filming a scene where a stroller with a baby in it goes down a slope, and the two of them rush to chase after it. It seems that the baby was the key to the storyline of the special drama,” said an entertainment industry insider.

What is the identity of the man who cuddles her like a lover?

One night in April of 2007. One night in April of 2007, Yuriko Yoshitaka and a beautiful boy got out of a pickup truck in Tokyo and headed to a popular Japanese restaurant, shoulder to shoulder.

One night in April of 2007. One night in April of 2007, Yuriko Yoshitaka (33), the heroine of “Beloved” (TBS), was on her way in a black pickup truck to “S”, a Japanese restaurant that is frequented by celebrities. It is a hidden restaurant that is open until midnight. The time was just before 10 am. The time was just before 10:00 a.m. It was a very late dinner, probably due to a last minute work schedule.

The pick-up truck stopped near the restaurant and Yoshitaka, wearing a beige cap, got out of the back seat. A slender man appeared from the passenger seat and followed Yoshitaka. He was a beautiful boy with cuticle hair. Could this beautiful boy possibly be your new boyfriend?

The two seemed to be having a great time, occasionally looking at each other and blowing their guts out. Yoshitaka and the beautiful boy walked into “S” right in front of this reporter as if they were cuddling.

That was all well and good, but ……. They never came out. Maybe they were too drunk from their favorite highball, but they didn’t come out even after the date changed. A little after 2 a.m., a cab pulled up in front of the restaurant. It seemed he was finally leaving.

It was five minutes later that Yoshitaka came out of the restaurant with a woman who seemed to have joined him in the restaurant and the beautiful boy from earlier.

On the same day, Yoshitaka was watching the 10:00 p.m. broadcast of “I’m Going Home on Time” on “S” with a colleague. I’m going home on time. The reason why he had a long buttock was probably because he was so excited about the review meeting afterwards. By the way, the beautiful boy is said to be the manager.

In fact, the three of them took different cabs to break up.

They are great actresses who show us a different side of themselves when they leave the set. With these attractive women in the lead roles, the drama is sure to be a big hit.

Jun Arimura appears in “Ex-convict: Kayo Agawa, a new guardian” (WOWOW Prime, etc.). Filmed in May this year.
Mitsuki Takahata in “Iribito: Gaijin” (WOWOW Prime, etc.) Photographed in June 2007.
Sakurako Ohara is the heroine of “I Want to Say I Love You” (TV Tokyo), photographed in December 2008.
Maika Yamamoto (left) and Hinako Sakurai (right). Sakurai appears in “Gohobi Gohan” (BS Tereto, etc.) Photographed in November 2007.
In September of this year, she starred in “It’s Love! Yankee Girl and White Cane Girl,” in which she stars.
Katagiri Hairi stands inside the Kineka Omori movie theater in Tokyo. Katagiri stars in “Tokyo Abandoned Restaurant” (TV Tokyo), shot in November 2008.
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