Tor Yoko” assault and murder case: “Horrific mass lynching” revealed at first trial | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Tor Yoko” assault and murder case: “Horrific mass lynching” revealed at first trial

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Sekiguchi was sent to prison last November.

He made the victim sit on his knees and assaulted him, breaking almost all of his ribs and causing him to die of shock.

In his opening statement, the prosecutor revealed the scene of a horrific lynching.

On September 20, the first trial of the jury trial was held at the Tokyo District Court. The defendant, 27-year-old Hisaki Sekiguchi, is charged with manslaughter for the group assault and murder of Akira Ujiie, then 43, an unemployed man, in a building in Kabukicho, Tokyo, in November of last year. Ujiie and Sekiguchi were said to have frequently gathered at “To-Yoko” next to the TOHO Cinemas in Kabukicho, where many minors hang out. Sekiguchi admitted to the charges against him.

The scene was the rooftop of an 11-story building in front of the Shinjuku City Office. Security cameras showed Ujiie entering the building just before 8:00 a.m., surrounded by a group of young men. Ujiie was assaulted by the group for seven hours.

Just before 3:00 p.m., a woman in a nearby building witnessed the assault and called 110. Police officers immediately rushed to the scene and took Ujiie to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead about an hour later. Ujiie had a large bruise on his chest and broken ribs,” said a reporter from the society section of a national newspaper.

He ordered her to sit on her haunches and kicked her repeatedly.”

Defendant Sekiguchi was sent to the police station last November (some images have been doctored).

The police took custody of Sekiguchi, who was in the vicinity of the crime scene. They also called in two boys, both 18 years old at the time, based on security camera footage analysis and eyewitness information, and arrested them on suspicion of manslaughter.

The defendant Sekiguchi denied the charges, saying he did not know, but stated that he had a grudge against Ujiie-san because of the trouble they had gotten into. The two boys said, ‘We didn’t kick him so hard that he died.

At the aforementioned first trial, the prosecutors revealed the horrific details of the group assault.

He ordered them to sit on their haunches and kicked them repeatedly.

When Mr. Ujiie fell down, they forced him up and beat him.

When Mr. Ujiie said, ‘I’m sorry,’ they told him, ‘Don’t be stupid! Listen to me properly,’ and continued the assault.”

The defense says, “(Sekiguchi) tried to help Ujiie at first, but he ended up assaulting Ujiie in the heat of the moment. He was not the main culprit in the incident.

The police are also beginning to expose the case. The police are trying to expose them, but after a while, the weasel words come back to haunt them. Private organizations are also cooperating with the police, making rounds and patrolling to deter crime.

Why did Sekiguchi and the others lynch and take the life of Ujiie, an acquaintance? The detailed background of the case will be revealed at the upcoming trial.

Sekiguchi was sent to prison last November.
  • Photographed by Shinji Hasuo

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