Masami Nagasawa’s “divine style” at her favorite shopping in Aoyama | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Masami Nagasawa’s “divine style” at her favorite shopping in Aoyama

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The high temperature for the day was 33 degrees. Despite the heat, I was hitting several brand-name stores.

It was just after noon in early August, and the luxury brand store district in Aoyama (Shibuya Ward) was sparsely populated due to the daily heat wave. A woman of outstanding style was walking briskly in the strong sunlight with a large shopping bag slung over her shoulder. She is Masami Nagasawa (35).

She loves to shop at the brand stores in Aoyama. In her private life, she tries to wear simple clothes without being conscious of trends, but most of what she wears are high-brand items by Japanese designers,” says a fashion magazine editor.

On this day, Nagasawa was dressed quite simply in a sleeveless white shirt and beige pants. However, her outstanding style, with her toned body and long, slender legs, stood out. Nagasawa was in a good mood from start to finish as she entered a luxury brand store owned by a Japanese designer and tried on many items while chatting with the staff with a smile. He spent about an hour visiting several stores before getting into a cab with his manager, who met him halfway and drove off.

The drama series “Elpisu: Hope or Disaster” (Kantele/Fuji TV), in which she will star for the first time in four and a half years, will start on October 24.

The script is written by Aya Watanabe, who wrote “About the Crisis Here and Now and My Sensitivity” (NHK), which won the Japan Arts Festival Award last year, and directed by Hitoshi Oneda, a film director who worked with Nagasawa on the movie “Moteki. Both are known for their social satire and black humor. I think this is the most promising film this fall.

Nagasawa plays an announcer who is deprived of an ace position due to a scandal and regains her “self-worth,” which she once lost. In addition to her serious performance, Nagasawa’s “god style” will also be a focus of attention.

In the movie “Hyakka,” which opens in theaters on September 9, Nagasawa plays the role of the wife of the main character.

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