The media’s refrain from reporting on Hayato Sakamoto’s “abortion troubles” is “one of the strongest”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The media’s refrain from reporting on Hayato Sakamoto’s “abortion troubles” is “one of the strongest”.

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Hayato Sakamoto comes out of a cabaret club. He is one of the most popular men in the baseball world, but…

The “Bunshun Online” reported on the abortion troubles of the Giants’ Hayato Sakamoto. The sports papers and TV stations have yet to report anything about it.

Despite the harsh news coverage, Sakamoto’s “mess” has continued to burn on the Internet and social networking sites.

In the article “Bunshun,” a screenshot of an indecent exchange with a woman was posted on a LINE. At the game, the exchange was ridiculed and jokes were made about it.

Some have even compiled a list of Sakamoto’s sayings and posted it on a message board, so it has already become a “story. On the other hand, fans who sincerely care about the Giants are probably angry at Sakamoto’s irresponsible behavior.

Free announcer Itiro Furudate commented on the scandal in his YouTube video, “The Giants’ Hayato Sakamoto’s report on women. Furudate speaks out! The fact that TV and newspapers are all ignoring it. The TV and newspapers are all ignoring the fact. Furudate, who has been active in the same industry for a long time, also questions the attitude of the media.

He said, “As is the case with athletes in general, you cannot use footage and photos of private scandals without permission to report them. In baseball, in particular, there are live broadcasts of games and coverage of camps, and we have a very close relationship with the players. In the past, some directors have been banned from baseball stadiums after having their passes taken away for even the slightest “bad” play. The TV station staff member continued, “The director is very strict about it.

The TV station insider continues, “It may not be limited to Sakamoto.

It may not be limited to Sakamoto, but some players may have a sense of security that they will not be blamed by the media no matter what kind of scandal they cause. The Olympics I hope that Sakamoto, who represented Japan at the Olympics and won a gold medal, will act in a way that will make him a target for children.

Matsutaro Shoriki, the founder of the Giants, once said, “The Giants should always be gentlemen. I wonder if those words have reached Sakamoto…

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