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Nozomi Sasaki’s “all green see-through outfit” makes fans happy!

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Sasaki during her appearance at a film festival (AFLO)

Actress and model Nozomi Sasaki has been getting a lot of attention for her “green see-through outfit” on her Instagram account. She was inundated with comments of praise such as “the transparent feeling is wonderful”, “cute”, “her style is amazing”, “the outfit looks good on her”, “she looks beautiful”, and “she looks beautiful again today”. and 47,000 likes.

Sasaki was photographed on the set of “Tokoro JAPAN” (Fuji TV), a variety show where she appears as a regular panelist. Standing in front of a desk with books and other things on it, she posed with her eyes closed. She was wearing a green outfit by FENDI. It has a collar and is made of a thin material, so you can see through it a little. Long sleeves and long pants, but it looks cool. The days are still hot, but I feel like I am anticipating the coming autumn.

Well, in this post, Sasaki announced the broadcast of “Tokoro JAPAN. According to the program’s website, “George Tokoro will reveal familiar mysteries that you may know but don’t know about Japan, with commentary from a variety of specialists on the theme of Japan’s unique characteristics compared to the rest of the world. Sasaki has been a regular on this program since April 2020.

The “Life-threatening Onsen” is one of Tokoro Japan’s most famous projects. It is said to be a project brought in by Ikuto Kawai of A.B.C-Z, who is a certified hot spring sommelier, and Kawai visits “secret hot springs that you can only enter if you risk your life. This time, Football Hour also participated as it was a summer SP. They went to the highest hot spring in Japan, located in the Yatsugatake mountain range.

Sasaki is very active in variety shows, but in August, she will start her NHKBS Premium drama “Shiroi Mukuryu” and in September, she is scheduled to appear in the stage play “Drunken Angel”. Despite her busy schedule, she never fails to promote the fashion brand she produces on Instagram. She continues to run as fast as she can in the midst of her husband’s headwind. I can’t help but wonder when on earth she is taking a break …….

Hang in there, Sasaki! Don’t lose, Sasaki! I can’t take my eyes off Sasaki!

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