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Akina Nakamori: Why was “lover-manager” removed from the reported offer of Kohaku White?

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Akina Nakamori is being touted to participate in the NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen. Can we see her smile like this again… (2010)

It was reported by several media outlets that NHK has offered “diva” Akina Nakamori a chance to participate in the Kohaku Uta Gassen at the end of the year.

If true, this would be great news for her fans, but there are some puzzling aspects of her recent activities. What is going on behind the scenes, where only reports of her resumption of her career are leading the way?

On August 30, Akina, who celebrated the 40th anniversary of her debut this year, launched a new website and changed her name from her former private agency “FAITH” to “HZ VILLAGE. HZ VILLAGE At the same time, she also acquired a Twitter account. At the same time, she also acquired a Twitter account.

I’m feeling a little better, but only a little.

In addition, he wrote

I will start walking again, but I hope you will watch over me.

I hope you will watch over me,” he wrote, expressing his enthusiasm for a fresh start.

This surprised the entertainment media and Mr. X, Akina’s long-time manager.

Mr. X was reported by some to be Akina’s “lover” and was her business contact. He was well known for his dislike of the mass media, but this time he learned of Akina’s recent situation through the media.

Mr. X had been out of touch with Akina since this spring, but he did not seem to be bothered by it.

However, the reality was different. Akina invited a talented lawyer, Mr. A, as a new business partner, who is said to be knowledgeable about copyrights, portrait rights, and music rights, having been a former judge.

However, when we interviewed people around the company, we found that Mr. A is only the ostensible “representative” of the company.

It is said that behind the scenes, there are people in the industry who have planned the establishment of this new firm. Specifically, the name of a certain music producer has been mentioned, but he is denying it.

However, there is no way that a single lawyer can cross over into the unique entertainment industry…. It is believed that Akina is backed by influential people in the industry.

According to the rules of the entertainment industry, it is against the law to establish a new agency without Mr. X’s knowledge. In addition to the singer’s website of her record company, Universal Music, Akina also established her own official website.

It would be strange if her record company had not been notified in advance. Furthermore, as far as NHK’s offer for Kohaku is concerned, as long as there is a spark of trouble over who she belongs to, there is a possibility that a complicated rights issue may arise or she may have to cancel the event. NHK must not be unaware of this situation.

The establishment of the new agency is the same as “cutting off” Mr. X, who had been solely in charge of Akina’s management until then. In fact, a small number of people at NHK and the record companies had heard about it privately.

In fact, NHK and the record company were privately told about it by a small number of people in the music industry.

The reason why the relationship with Mr. X had to be terminated at this time is unclear. The only thing that can be said is

“It is clear that Akina herself has a desire to stand on stage again. On the other hand, Mr. X, although it is bad to say it, has often taken a wait-and-see attitude because of her physical condition.

Akina is not currently in Japan, but is believed to be staying overseas. If she were to appear in Kohaku, it is highly likely that it would be pre-recorded in consideration of her physical condition. We cannot take our eyes off of Akina.

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