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Wife and Daughter Stabbed by Brazilian Fugitive Husband Tattooed with Dragon and Skull — Story and Photo

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Photo of Robson released by Osaka police (Image: Jiji Press)

“When I saw my wife coming out of the bathroom, she had a knife in her hand and was covered in blood. My daughter was lying nearby. I lost control and beat and stabbed my wife.”

The man wanted for murder is said to have testified to his lawyers.

A gruesome incident occurred in an apartment in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture. A mother and her child were murdered in a room near the balcony after being stabbed dozens of times in the upper half of their bodies. The mother was said to have been severely beaten.

The deceased were Ai Aramaki, 29, and her daughter Lily, 3. The incident is believed to have occurred between August 21 and 22 of this year. The discovery was triggered by a report from Aimi’s father. He called the police on August 24, saying, ‘I haven’t been able to contact my daughter and her husband since the 22nd.

“The room was locked, so investigators broke the windowpane and went inside to find the mother and child lying on the floor covered in blood. The stab wounds were deep enough to penetrate the lungs and heart, and it appears that both died instantly. In the room, a kitchen knife with blood stains on it was found, which was probably used in the crime” (reporter from a national newspaper).

Spoof text messages to mother

Tattoo on Robson’s upper body (image from Robson’s Facebook page)

The suspect wanted by the Osaka Prefectural Police’s Investigation Section 1 for the murder is Aimi’s husband, Barbosa Anderson Robson, 33, a Brazilian national.

On the morning of August 22, the suspect contacted the factory where he worked and said, ‘I’m taking two weeks off because I had an accident while riding my bicycle. In addition, in the evening of the same day, he sent a text message from Aimi’s address to her mother, saying, ‘I’m not feeling well, so don’t come.’ By that time, Aimi was believed to have died. The suspect, Robson, probably pretended to be Aimi and sent the e-mail to buy time to escape.

Security camera footage revealed that Robson was in the Namba, Osaka, area at the same time, and he was confirmed to have departed from Narita Airport on the night of the 22nd. It appears that he is currently in his hometown of Londrina, Paraná state in southern Brazil.

Aimi, who has studied abroad and speaks English and Portuguese, married Robson about three years ago.

Robson has tattoos of dragons and skulls on his upper body and seems to have been flamboyant in downtown Osaka. We heard that he often got into trouble with customers at bars.

He had been drinking with Aimi for some time, but their relationship had not been going well since shortly after their marriage. According to acquaintances, Aimi is said to have been worried that “her husband was abusive and abusive to their daughter” and that she wanted a divorce. The incident may have been triggered by her separation from Robson.

Tattoo on Robson’s right arm (image from Robson’s Facebook page).

The suspect, Robson, is currently believed to be on the run in Brazil. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, he has admitted to his lawyer that he killed Aimi, but denies having laid a hand on Lily. The investigation is likely to drag on for quite some time.

As long as the suspect is in Brazil, the Japanese police cannot touch him. Japan has extradition treaties only with the United States and South Korea. Even if we put out an APB, we can’t bring Robson back to Japan. Currently, we have no choice but to rely on the Brazilian authorities’ “proxy punishment.”

There is also the means of an international wanted person, but the procedure is very complicated. First, the Osaka Prefectural Police, in cooperation with the National Police Agency, makes a request to the ICPO (International Criminal Police Organization) and other relevant agencies. However, the documents to be submitted must be in Portuguese, the official language of Brazil. In the meantime, there is a good chance that Robson will flee to a third country.

The investigation into the murder of a mother and her child is likely to be a difficult one. However, it is absolutely unacceptable for the suspect to get away with it.

Aimi, who was murdered along with her beloved daughter, Lily (image from Aimi’s Facebook page)
Aimi’s Facebook page also contained a happy picture of her family of three.(Image: From Aimi’s Facebook page)
  • Photo Jiji Press (courtesy of Osaka Prefectural Police)

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