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Yukina Kinoshita’s “driving with blurred speedometer” is causing Instagram flames

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Yukina Kinoshita’s love affair with a J-leaguer is going well. This time, her Instagram of her driving is catching fire…

It’s a beautiful day.

On August 30, former celebrity Yukina Kinoshita posted on her Instagram a picture of herself driving a German luxury car, a Mercedes-Benz. There are two photos, both of which appear to have been taken from the right passenger seat, as the car is left-hand drive.

Kinoshita is driving with her hair in a bun and wearing large sunglasses. The reflection of the ocean in the window of the car was commented by some fans as “cool”.

However, in the second photo, the speedometer is blurred. In the second photo, the speedometer is blurred, but you can see that the speedometer is at the 12 o’clock position on the clock.

“Mr. Kinoshita’s Mercedes is an ultra-luxury car that has been modified by AMG, a tuning company that also handles racing. If the speedometer is at the 12 o’clock position in this car, there is a high possibility that he is driving at around 100 km/h. Depending on the grade, the speedometer may be around 150 km/h. Depending on the grade, it could be around 150 kilometers per hour.

By the way, the maximum speed on public roads is 60 km/h. The speed limit on the Bayshore Route of the Metropolitan Expressway, for example, is 80 km/h. The speed limit on major expressways is 100 km/h. If you drive 40 kilometers per hour over the speed limit, you will get a one-shot suspension. Well, I don’t think Mr. Kinoshita would do such a thing, but…” (Sports reporter)

The angle of the photo suggests that there is a passenger. Is it a child, or is it Hideto Miyuki of Shonan Bellmare, who was reportedly living with him half the time? In response to such a blurred speedometer

“You can’t drive so fast that you hide the meter (laughs).
“He’s bragging about his terrible speed.

I’m a big fan of Mr. Kinoshita.

“There are many women who admire Ms. Kinoshita and envy the sight of a mom driving around in a Mercedes. I wonder if she is getting a taste of being called “cool” by those fans.

I don’t understand why she would take the risk of blurring the speedometer and posting it. I’m sure the speed was perfectly fine, so there was no need to hide it. If he was aiming to cause a firestorm by blurring the speedometer, he is a great strategist…” (Women’s magazine reporter)

Incidentally, the article seems to be getting a good response, with 29,000 likes (as of September 2).

In April of this year, Kinoshita caused controversy when she posted a photo of herself at a drunken barbecue party while declaring a state of emergency. Now that she has left the entertainment agency, she may be in a state of “warriors”, ignoring the flames…

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