Unusual bail for 6 million yen…defendant Sei Tanaka “expected and unexpected sentence”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Unusual bail for 6 million yen…defendant Sei Tanaka “expected and unexpected sentence”.

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Defendant Sei Tanaka released on bail on September 2 for 6 million yen; trial to begin on September 22

Former “KAT-TUN” member Sei Tanaka, 36, has been making waves after being released on bail. On September 2, he appeared at the Kashiwa Police Station of the Chiba Prefectural Police Department where he had been detained, bowed his head for about 10 seconds, apologized, and was finally granted bail after his third request.

Tanaka was arrested in February of this year after he was found in possession of about 0.164 grams of methamphetamine at a business hotel in Nagoya City. On June 20, he received a relatively light sentence of one year and eight months in prison, suspended for three years.

Immediately afterward, however, on June 29, he was caught red-handed in front of JR Kashiwa Station by a police officer on patrol for possession of methamphetamine. Just nine days after his sentencing, when he had spoken of his remorse, he was arrested at ……. It was thought that the court would not grant bail because of the lack of sincerity in his behavior,” said a reporter from the society section of a national newspaper.

Why was bail granted on the third request?

Why was bail granted on the third request?

The Chiba District Public Prosecutor’s Office had filed quasi-appeals against the bail on two previous occasions, and the appeals had been dismissed. However, Tanaka had filed an appeal to the effect that he could not receive treatment if he was detained. Therefore, he was granted bail on the condition that he be hospitalized for drug treatment. After leaving the police station, Tanaka is said to have headed not to his parents’ home in Kashiwa City but to a specialized hospital in Chiba Prefecture.

FRIDAY” has often reported Tanaka’s incomprehensible behavior. He has been reported to have used cloaked language to solicit illegal drugs from a female acquaintance, to have brandished a knife at a bar in Nishiazabu, Tokyo, which he manages, and to have uttered to a customer, in a bizarre voice, “You bitch! I’ll kill you.” …… He has repeatedly betrayed the wishes of his supporters and relatives. After being released on bail, Tanaka still had the tattoo on his neck.

The trial for the case in which he was arrested on June 29 will begin on September 22 at the Matsudo branch of the Chiba District Court. What kind of sentence will Tanaka receive? Lawyer Hirotaro Kato, an expert on the case, explains.

As for methamphetamine, he will not be given a stay of execution because it is the second time he has been arrested. If he is given a light sentence, it may cause a public outcry. I think he will probably be sentenced to one year and six months in prison, or the one year and eight months he was given at his previous trial.

I heard that bail was set at 6 million yen. The market price for bail is about 1.5 million yen. It would be an exceptionally high amount. I think the court set the bail at 6 million yen, taking into consideration the possibility of Tanaka’s escape or destruction of evidence in view of the prison sentence.

Despite his words of remorse, Tanaka has repeated the same mistakes. It remains to be seen what the court will decide.

  • Photo by Shinji Hasuo

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