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A Married Woman’s Regret over a Local Reunion Affair

Sanae Kameyama, "There is a Reason for Adultery

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The topic of “reunion adultery” is a hot one. When adults who know each other well and have the same background fall in love, there must be a blissful feeling of falling in love that goes deep. When we interviewed women who have experienced this kind of love, we found out about their “joys and pains…

In the midst of a feeling as if all of her strength had been drained out of her…

I’m having a very hard time right now. Even when I’m working, sometimes my whole body feels drained, and it’s so hard that I want to squat down and start crying.

Masami, who lives in the suburbs of Tokyo, has a family and is raising two children. She is 47 years old, has a family, is raising two children, works part-time, takes care of her husband’s parents, and is even called a “superwoman” by her family. She is 47 years old and is described by her family as a “superwoman.” She says self-deprecatingly, “I have never been so grieved in my life….

The “anguish” began when she went to a reunion.

I don’t know why I wanted to go to that reunion so badly. But I’m glad I went. My homeroom teacher at the time was there in good spirits. It was fun to call my old friends by their maiden names and nicknames. When I join that circle, I feel like a high school student again.

The reunion was a class reunion of my senior year of high school, and there were less than 20 of us. There were some former classmates who were asked, “Who is that person again?

Those who remained in their hometowns would get together from time to time, but I had been in Tokyo since I moved to Tokyo for college and rarely returned, so I hardly saw anyone at all. I could see my friends from elementary and junior high school because they lived near my parents’ house, but it was difficult to get in touch with my friends from high school. It seemed that I was the one who was the hardest to get in touch with, and everyone told me, “I’m glad to see you’re doing well. A boy called Yu-kun came up next to me and said, “I’m glad to see you. He was an all-around athlete and very popular. I also had a secret crush on him. I was thrilled that a guy like that would even approach me.

By the end of the first meeting, she and Yu were face to face and talking about very private matters, and people around her were even giving her the cold shoulder. However, Masami says she was having a good time.

I was going to stay at my parents’ house that day and was going to leave early,” she said. But when I was about to leave after the first meeting, Yu-kun followed me. He said, ‘I’m staying at a hotel in front of the station today. I’m staying at a hotel in front of the station today. When I was lost, he grabbed me by the arm and hugged me tightly. We got into a cab together that he had called.

He was very forceful. For a moment, Masami was lost in thought. But inwardly, she did not want to leave. In her heart, she was screaming for him to just shut up and take her with him. He had taken a double room at a hotel in front of the station, where he had arrived by cab.

When I jokingly told him that I was thinking of calling someone, he said, “I’m often on business trips, so I always take a double room at hotels to rest and relax.

He had said “I” earlier, but now “I” had changed to “I.

I was about to say, “I see…. I was about to say, “I’m sorry…” when he suddenly covered my lips. After that, he said, ‘Masami-chan, you look really good. You are much more attractive now than you were then. It was the first time anyone had ever said that to me. I told him that I had a crush on you. He was surprised. He told me that he had a crush on you, too. I was thrilled, even though I knew I had to take him at face value.

The calmness with which he said “half-truths” was heartbreaking. As I lay in bed, I suddenly felt as if I were coming back to reality. I wondered if a 40-something married woman with two children was allowed to do such a thing. As I thought about it, the words “I’ve gained 10 kilos since high school” came out of my mouth. I thought to myself that I was putting his feelings before ethics.

He didn’t give me time to think. All the while he was kissing me and dexterously trying to undress me with one hand. Halfway through, it was like I was on fire, too, and we just stared at each other as we took off each other’s clothes. Our home life and our daily routine had flown somewhere.”

All the while, Yu kept saying, “You are beautiful, Masami,” and “I loved you. Each time she did this, her body became hotter and hotter. She felt her body and mind “melting down,” and she felt herself getting stuck in it.

She continued, “Like many of you, we were almost sexless. I didn’t think I was craving sex, but when Chloe hugged me, I felt so much more at ease, and I honestly felt that I wanted to have sex with this person. I think I had been sexually unsatisfied for a long time. I just pretended not to notice…

That’s why I got burned. I was able to shake off my self-consciousness, pride, and everything else, and greeted the morning while “flirting” with Yu-kun. He lives in the Kansai region, but “I go to the Kanto region once or twice a month on business, so let’s meet then,” I said. Masami nodded and we exchanged contact information before parting.

At dawn, I returned to my parents’ house and prepared breakfast for my parents and my brother and his family, who live with me. I was so excited I couldn’t sleep. That evening, I bought many souvenirs and returned home. My mother-in-law said sarcastically, ‘I’m glad you went to relax by yourself,’ but I wasn’t angry at all (laughs).

From that day on, I always exchanged messages with Chloe during the daytime. Two weeks later, he contacted me to tell me that he was going to Tokyo.

I was indeed lost at this point. The incident at the reunion was just a mistake. But if I went to Tokyo, it would be ‘adultery. But if I went to the reunion, it would be ‘adultery. My family might find out someday. He might find out from his family, too. Just the thought of not being able to see him makes me cry. Those two weeks that I couldn’t see him. week, because I already really missed him.”

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  • Interview and text by Sanae Kameyama

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