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Stabbing Her Live-in Partner to Death — Woman’s Shocking Behavior After Killing Her Boyfriend

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Suspect Ito stabbed her boyfriend who lives with him to death. The police are investigating the motive for the crime.

The incident came to light in an unexpected way.

The victim was a serious person who never misses work without permission. However, he did not show up at the office in the afternoon and did not call in. A colleague became suspicious and went to the man’s apartment. When he rang the intercom, there was no response, and there was no sound from inside. Feeling uneasy, the co-worker called 110. The door was locked, and when police officers rushed to the apartment and broke the balcony window, they found a gruesome scene inside.

On September 2, Yumi Ito, 40, an unemployed woman living in Yashio City, Saitama Prefecture, was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder. Shortly after 2:00 p.m. on the same day, a police officer who received a call entered an apartment in Hachijo, Yashio City, and found a man lying in the living room, bleeding profusely. The man was Shoichi Shikama, 51, an office worker who lived in the apartment.

Mr. Shikama was pronounced dead on the spot. He had multiple knife wounds on his chest and other parts of his body, as if he had been stabbed with a knife. He must have been stabbed to death. We can sense a strong intent to kill. The incident occurred between the night of September 1 and the daytime of September 2. The cause of death was hemorrhagic shock caused by a stab wound to the anterior thoracic region. A blade, which is believed to be the murder weapon, was found at the scene with blood stains on it.

Wrapped an electrical cord around a doorknob: ……

Ito stabbed her boyfriend to death (some images have been doctored).

There was another woman lying slumped in the room. This is the suspect, Ito, who was arrested.

The suspect had been in a relationship with Ms. Shikama and lived with him. After stabbing Shikama to death, she probably tried to commit suicide. She wrapped a string like an electric cord around the doorknob of the bathroom and hung herself. As lifesaving measures were immediately taken, the suspect was pronounced alive. After regaining consciousness, Ito admitted to the police that she stabbed her boyfriend in the chest with a knife.

What happened between the two?

According to residents in the area, they often heard a man and a woman arguing. The police have changed the charge to murder and are investigating the motive and circumstances of the incident in detail, believing that there was a serious problem between the two, such as a relationship dispute or financial problems.

The scene is a residential area about 1.5 km north of Yashio City Hall. The quiet and calm atmosphere of the area has been dramatically changed by the incident.

The Yashio City apartment where the incident took place
The Yashio City apartment where the incident took place
Ito, the suspect who stabbed her live-in partner to death (some images have been edited)
  • Photographed by Shinji Hasuo

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