Nao’s overwhelming aura radiates from her “night walk with her dog Chihuahua | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Nao’s overwhelming aura radiates from her “night walk with her dog Chihuahua

News on the Scene FRIDAY Eyewitness! Harikomi24 (Tokyo, 20:35)

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Nao takes a night walk with her dog. She is very busy with dramas and movies. This must be the only time she can relax.

A slender woman walking in the city center with her Chihuahua. She is wearing a mask, but her cool eyes give off an aura that is far from that of a normal person. She is actress Nao, 26.

She played the role of the heroine’s lawyer in the drama “The Scales of Justice” (NHK), and in the October drama “It’s Love! (NHK), and also appeared in the October drama “Love! (NTV) in October. She has been highly praised for her acting skills and is now attracting attention as an actress who is on the verge of flying off the handle, appearing in seven movies this year, including some that are on the waiting list.

(TV magazine writer) On this day in mid-September, Nao was at the opening night of the movie “You’re Younger Than They Are Forever” at 6pm. As soon as she thought she had finished her work and returned home, she came out to take her dog for a walk. I thought she was finally free from work and was going to take a leisurely walk with her dog ……, but she finished her super-instant walk of just one lap around the block and went right back home. Maybe what I want most now is time to take a leisurely walk with my dog.

Unpublished cut of Nao’s evening walk with her Chihuahua immediately after returning home

From “FRIDAY” October 15, 2021 issue

  • Photography Ippei Hara

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