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Kyoko Koizumi, Ishihara, Nagasawa… Photos of famous actresses’ cars in parking lots

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Riisa Naka wearing yellow for her car and clothes.

It was Golden Week 2005. A bright yellow Chevrolet Camaro pulled into a parking lot in Shibuya, Tokyo. Coming out of the car was actress Riisa Naka (31).

She was wearing a yellow T-shirt and yellow shoes. She was headed for a beauty clinic, wearing a full-body ‘bee look.

She went to a beauty clinic. “What Ms. Naka entered was not just an esthetic salon. It is a clinic where doctors, nutritionists, osteopaths and other specialists provide slimming menus based on scientific evidence. There are many celebrity customers,” said a beauty writer.

I often see actresses in the parking lots downtown. They leave their cars at home and go shopping or to meetings, or are picked up and dropped off by their agency’s cars. …… The situations vary, but as you would expect from a celebrity, her casual gestures are elegant. I’d like to introduce some of the actresses who have a strong presence in parking areas.

Taking the wheel herself: ……

Kyoko Koizumi getting into her car in the parking lot of the theater after a performance.

June 2006. In June 2006, Kyoko Koizumi (55) was seen at a theater in Setagaya Ward, Tokyo. She was appearing in a stage production of “O-Ran, Here I Come. After the daytime performance, Kyon Kyung went to the parking lot. She smiled and waved to the fans waiting for her at the backstage entrance, got into her car, and left the theater behind the wheel.

“At the time, Kyung Kyung was at a crossroads. She was rumored to be on the verge of going out of business as an actress because of her publicized affair with Kosuke Toyohara just before she went independent from the entertainment company she had belonged to for many years.

After that, Kyung Kyung declared that she would take a break from acting. She must have been fed up with the fact that casting and storylines of TV dramas were influenced by the power of the office. She has always had a strong desire to create what she really wants to see.” (Entertainment industry insider)

Her big decision as an actress may have been made after cramming during the drive from the parking lot.

Talking with the staff after the ride

Satomi Ishihara chatting with the staff with the door of the pick-up truck open after rehearsal.

On a night in early September 2007, Satomi Ishihara (34) was at a theater in Shibuya, Tokyo. Just before 8:00 p.m., she finished her rehearsal and went to the underground parking lot. She smiles and chats with a woman who seems to be a staff member next to the pickup truck, and continues to talk with the window half open after getting in.

“Ishihara announced her marriage to an ordinary man at the end of 2008. She announced her marriage to a man at the end of 2008, and although I thought she was going to cut back on her work after that, she continues to receive offers to appear on stage and in dramas.

Unlike her gentle exterior, she is quite stoic. She has a strong sense of professionalism. Whenever there is something she doesn’t agree with or thinks is wrong with her work, she sometimes gives her opinion to the scene via her manager. Even after rehearsals and filming are over, she sometimes discusses her acting with the staff.

“The Miracle Face of the Miracle 50-Year-Old

After going to the gym, she goes to the department store. (Photo taken in March 2008.) After going to the gym, she went to the Depa Basement and bought more pet supplies than her own groceries.

On a night in early March 2008, a woman wearing a trench coat came pushing a cart through the parking lot of a department store in Tokyo that is frequented by celebrities. It was actress Yuriko Ishida (52).

She is said to be a “miracle 50-year-old,” and although she was dressed modestly, with almost no makeup on and her hair tied back in a single bun, she had a lovely air about her. In the cart was a large amount of pet supplies. She had loaded cat litter and other supplies through the back door of her car.

“Ishida lives with her four shelter cats and one golden retriever. Ishida’s Instagram is very popular because you can see her stylish lifestyle and fashion, but she also has an Instagram dedicated to her pets.

There, she uploads cute shots of her pet dog and cat, along with Ishida’s heartwarming writings, which have gained a reputation for being soothing. The site has nearly 960,000 followers,” says the editor of a women’s magazine.

These attractive women show their real faces in parking lots. You can sense their aura from the way they get in and out of their cars.

Christel Takigawa parked her Mercedes Benz in a coin-operated parking lot, photographed in June 2005.
Masami Nagasawa on her way to her car after fan service. Her zebra print long coat was impressive. Photo taken in March this year.
After greeting the audience, Anne drove off to her waiting home. She says she is planning to move to France with her children. Photo taken in September this year
After the first meeting at the hotel, Nagano appeared in the underground parking lot. She took a shuttle bus to the second meeting.
Minami Hamanabe getting into a pickup car at the parking lot. Just before getting into the car, she greeted the staff and other people involved with the event with a big smile.
  • Photography Yuri Adachi, Takao Kawakami, Sota Shima, Takuya Suzuki, Ichiro Takatsuka, Toshikatsu Tanaka, Keisuke Nishi, Shu Nishihara, Ippei Hara

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