Taken out of karaoke…51-year-old man “sexually assaulted a female college student” – despicable contents. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Taken out of karaoke…51-year-old man “sexually assaulted a female college student” – despicable contents.

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Tsuchiya suspect sexually assaulted a female college student.

Initially, the woman was singing, dancing and having a good time. After a while, however, she became dazed. When she came to, she found herself lying in an unknown room.

On August 31, the Sugamo Police Station of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department arrested a 51-year-old man from Yoshikawa City, Saitama Prefecture, on suspicion of kidnapping for indecent assault with semi-forcible sexual intercourse. The suspect arrested was Naoki Tsuchiya, a construction worker. He is suspected of sexually assaulting a teenage female college student, Ms. A, whom he knew.

The suspect and Ms. A met through a social networking service in March of this year, and met several times in April. After meeting several times, Ms. A must have gradually forgiven him. Tsuchiya took advantage of the gap in Ms. A’s heart and committed the crime.

Taking Ms. A into his car and taking her to his apartment

Tsuchiya, the suspect who sexually assaulted the college student (image has been doctored)

The incident occurred late at night on May 15, when Ms. A and Tsuchiya went to a karaoke bar in Toshima Ward, Tokyo. The suspect probably watched Ms. A as she left the room, perhaps to use the restroom. Tsuchiya laced Ms. A’s drink with a sleeping drug.

The suspect puts Ms. A, who has become disoriented, into his car. They drove to his apartment in Kikkawa City, about 30 km away. The suspect is suspected of committing indecent acts on the intoxicated Ms. A over a long period of time.

Ms. A became suspicious because she had lost her memory and was somehow in Tsuchiya’s room, and consulted with the Sugamo Police Department. From security camera footage, it was also learned that Tsuchiya had taken her into his car. Tsuchiya denied part of the crime, saying, “I gave her sleeping pills, but I thought it was a consensual act.

Former Kanagawa Prefectural Police detective and crime journalist Taihei Ogawa said, “I don’t know why the suspect did it in the first place.

The suspect’s testimony is contradictory as to why it was necessary to give her sleeping pills if it was a consensual act in the first place. Common sense makes it hard to believe that a teenage girl would have feelings for a man in his fifties. The suspect must have used drugs for the purpose of sexual assault, so-called ‘rape drugs,’ to satisfy his own unattainable desires. This is an unforgivable crime.

Young women should also be careful when meeting men they meet on social networking sites. You never know what purpose they have for contacting you. Keep in mind that some men approach you with a crime in mind, as in this case. And, it is not a good idea to be alone with them in a closed room such as a karaoke bar. Always meet with more than one acquaintance, for example, bring a friend. The most dangerous thing you can do is to be careless.”

In many cases of sexual assault, victims end up crying themselves to sleep. However, with the right precautions, crimes can be prevented.

Tsuchiya, the suspect who sexually assaulted a female university student (image has been doctored)
  • Photo by Shinji Hasuo

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