Celebrate marriage! Yukiyoshi Ozawa and Maho Kuwako’s “pre-wedding drive date | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Celebrate marriage! Yukiyoshi Ozawa and Maho Kuwako’s “pre-wedding drive date

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Kuwako and Ozawa’s home was a five-minute car ride away. It is a usual pattern that Ozawa takes her home after a date. Photo taken in January this year

In the evening of January this year, a blue BMW was parked on the shoulder of a main street in Minato Ward, Tokyo. The woman in the car looked around to make sure no one was around, then got out of the car and walked with her head down to avoid being seen. Then, the moment she enters the alley to her apartment, she smiles and gives a small wave to the man in the driver’s seat.

They are actor Yukiyoshi Ozawa (47) and NHK announcer Maho Kuwako (34), who got married on September 1st. This magazine had caught Ozawa and Maho on a “pre-wedding drive date.

“At the time, Kuwako was on her way to work at 3 in the morning. After work, she met with Mr. Ozawa, who lived nearby, every day. They had already introduced each other to their parents.

September 1, the day they submitted their marriage registration, was a special day for their families. It was the 86th birthday of Seiji Ozawa’s father, the world-famous conductor. It would have been the best birthday present for his beloved parents.

Direct hit: “Hahahaha!

In April 2008, Ozawa and Anna Kuwako were discovered to be dating by a report in Josei Seven. It seems that they met at a dinner party with a mutual friend, but their relationship was open. In addition to the one introduced at the beginning of this article, this magazine has witnessed their dates every day.

In the late afternoon of October 2008, a blue BMW was driving down a slope in Minato Ward with the sound of explosions echoing in the distance. Ozawa is at the wheel. The one smiling in the passenger seat was Anna Kuwako.

In the evening of the next day, I caught Ozawa coming out of Kuwako’s house in the neighborhood. She must have been smiling at Kuwako Ana, who saw her off from the balcony. After looking up at the apartment for a while, Ozawa got into her car.

When I interviewed the two of them directly at the time, they replied.

–Mr. Kuwako, it’s Friday.

“I’m afraid I can’t answer for a moment.”

He seemed apologetic, but the tone of his voice was cheerful. “I’m sorry,” Kuwako said, and walked into the apartment alone. When I called out to Ozawa, who remained in the car, “You guys are so in love.

I said, “Hahahahaha!”

Ozawa laughed wildly and proudly admitted their relationship. The couple, who both love music and alcohol, were united on their father’s birthday.

  • Photography Keisuke Nishi

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