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Roppongi Class” – Ryoma Takeuchi struggles to keep his “boyfriend of the nation” secret

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Ryoma Takeuchi is attracting attention as the star of the drama “Roppongi Class”. Will it also open the door to Hollywood…

The Thursday drama “Roppongi Class” (TV Asahi), starring actor Ryoma Takeuchi, is attracting attention for its V-shaped recovery in viewer ratings, exceeding 10%.

This drama is a remake of the Korean drama “Itaewon Class” (Netflix), which aired in ’20 and was a huge hit. The main character, Arata Miyabe, played by Takeuchi, risks his life to avenge his father’s death against Shigeru Nagaya (Teruyuki Kagawa), the chairman of Nagaya Holdings, a huge corporation that wields money and power, and his son, Ryuga (Taichi Saotome).

When the series first began, it was derided as a “degraded version of the original,” and the average household viewer ratings dropped from 9.6% for the first episode to 8.6% for the second episode, 7.6% for the third episode, and 7.6% for the fourth episode. The average household viewership declined steadily from 9.6% for the first episode to 8.6% for the second episode and 7.0 for the third episode. However, the ratings picked up to 8.1% in the fourth episode, and have since increased, surpassing the initial ratings.

Producer Tatsuki Oe expressed his confidence, saying, “At first, there were many online comments comparing it to ‘Itaewon Class,’ but gradually the unique worldview of ‘Roppongi Class’ has become more appealing to viewers.

In the meantime, “Roppongi Class” is now being distributed in seven countries and regions around the world, including South Korea, and has temporarily surpassed “Itaewon Class” in the Netflix viewer rankings,” said a wide range of people involved in the show.

Along with the V-shaped recovery in viewer ratings, the popularity of Takeuchi Ryoma, who plays the role of Miyabe Arata, the honest and straightforward protagonist with big dreams and a good reputation, is also on the rise. The netizens have also commented in praise of the show.

According to producer Ryuichi Nishiyama, who is in charge of the program, from the time he started communicating with Korea to remake “Itaewon Class

“I had my mind set on Mr. Takeuchi,” he said.

He said, “I had already decided on Mr. Takeuchi.

I felt that his passion and enthusiasm oozed from his previous dramas and works, and he expressed it directly. His qualities as a person and as an actor are perfect for Shin Miyabe.

Naomi Tamura, the chief director of the production, said, “The main character, Se Roi, who was played by Seo Jun Park in Itaewon Class, is a character that doesn’t seem to exist. He is an old-fashioned man who reminds me a little of the character played by Ken Takakura. Takeuchi has done a good job in that area,’ said a producer from the production company.

Takeuchi himself says that accepting the offer to play the role of Arata, a Japanese boy with a hint of the Showa era, “will be a new challenge,” but he also says, “I have no choice but to jump at the opportunity in front of me.

“I had no choice but to jump at the opportunity in front of me.

I had no choice but to jump at the opportunity in front of me. Debuting in 2001, this year marks the 10th year of his career. Looking back, no actor has been more fortunate than Takeuchi.

The year after his debut, he starred in “Masked Writer Drive” (TV Asahi).’ In 2003, he attracted attention as the leader of the development team for the artificial heart valve “Gaudi” in the Sunday drama “Shitamachi Rocket” (TBS), even though he was a rookie, and in the NHK morning drama “Hiyokko” in 2005, he played the girlfriend of the heroine, Kasumi Arimura.

He also played the role of the heroine, Mitsuki Takahata, in the drama “Kahoko the Protector” (NTV) during the same period. In the October season, he appeared in the Sunday drama “Rikuoh” (TBS), which was his big break after appearing in a succession of high-profile productions.

In the movie “Teiichi no Kuni,” he won the Japan Academy Award for Best New Actor. He has become known as “the boyfriend of the nation.

However, in 2008, he was hit by an unexpected scandal: he unilaterally ended his relationship with actress Ayako Yoshitani, with whom he had been dating for three years, and threw her out of the apartment where they had been living together despite the COVID-19 crisis, which drew much criticism.

Furthermore, Takeuchi’s popularity plummeted when it was revealed that he was in “financial trouble over rebuilding” and that he had “switched places” with model and actress Ayaka Miyoshi. At the press conference for “17 AGAIN,” a musical in which he played the lead role for the first time in November 2008, he was greeted with “Kyaa! Kyaa! has already passed its peak. I want to regenerate from now on.’ Her ‘self-deprecating remarks’ became a topic of conversation at one point.

(A former wide-show insider). However, Takeuchi saw the timing as an opportunity to be reborn as an actor, and he sealed off the “boyfriend of the nation” role. He is now aiming to change his image to one of an “idol” actor.

For the movie “The Sun Stays Still,” which was released in 2009, Takeuchi spent a month on location in Bulgaria, where he teamed up with the famous actor Tatsuya Fujiwara to take on the challenge of full-scale action scenes. He literally put his body on the line to play the role of a young man under extreme conditions, torn between his own sense of justice and a cold-hearted mission. Shuichi Yoshida, the author of the original story of the same title, praised the actor, saying, “It has been a while since an actor with a ‘sunshine’ image appeared on the scene.

In the drama “Kimi to Sekai wo Owari Hi ni” (On the Day the World Ends with You) (NTV), which aired in January of the same year, he completely changed his image from that of a good-looking young man. He passionately played the role of a survivor who never gives up in any situation and survives in the apocalyptic world where he lives side by side with death.

In this way, Takeuchi has succeeded in rebirth as a tough and wild actor in both name and reality. This year, he starred in “Roppongi Class. In addition, with the movie “Akira and Akira,” which was just released on August 26, Takeuchi has taken on the challenge of a Jun Ikeido work for the third time, following “Shitamachi Rocket” and “Rikuoh.

In this film, Akira (Takeuchi), whose father’s small factory has gone bankrupt, and Akira (Ryusei Yokohama), a sergeant at a major shipping company, join a megabank in the same year. In this moving entertainment film, the two work together to overcome a difficult situation in the face of the bankruptcy of the Tokai Group, a major shipping company that was born over a resort investment. Ryoma Takeuchi, who has undergone a makeover, plays the role of Akira in this film, which can be described as a verbal action movie in which the two men clash with each other’s beliefs.

Co-starring actor Yosuke Eguchi said, “Takeuchi is an actor who sweats and plays with a passionate heart. I felt strongly that Takeuchi-kun is an actor who will carry the future on his shoulders.” Takahiro Miki, who directed the film, commented on the similarities between Takeuchi and Akira, saying, “Takeuchi has a strong core and a conviction that he will do this, and that’s where the two really overlap.

It is true that the way Takeuchi sees his current situation as his destiny and struggles to overcome it may be an exact duplicate of Ryoma Takeuchi’s struggle to create a new image of himself as an actor by putting aside the “boyfriend of the nation” role.

Takeuchi’s performance in “Roppongi Class” has led to offers from the Korean show business world, which even Hollywood in the U.S. takes a shine to. If Takeuchi were to appear in a Korean production, he would be able to enter the U.S. Hollywood market, including Netflix and the Disney Channel.

Ryoma Takeuchi, who has put aside the “boyfriend of the nation” role to become a tough, wild, and hot man, may be about to enter a new stage as an actor before he turns 30.

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