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Overcoming the “Higashide Affair”…Anne’s “Trajectory to Rebirth” Images of Emigrating to France

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In January 2004, one year after marrying Higashide in January 2003. Walking with her dog in a park in Tokyo.

[Claire] You’re going to go soon, aren’t you?

When her father asked, his daughter nodded and continued.

[Joon] Yes, yes. I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you all that I’m going to be going to France. …… It’s not a back and forth thing, but it’s kind of like having two homes.

On August 28, actress Anne (36) updated her YouTube channel with a surprise appearance by her father, actor Ken Watanabe (62). Even more surprisingly, he announced that the mother and four children would be moving to France. On Instagram on the following day, the 29th, he reported that they had already arrived in France. Along with a self-portrait, she wrote, “I started living in France.

Anne’s move to France is not a sudden one; she has been active as a top model in “Paris Collection” and other fashion shows since she was a teenager. She has described France as ‘the place of my youth,’ and in the past she has stated on TV that she would like to move there. Recently, she also revealed that she has been taking French lessons online, and she has been seriously planning to move there for quite some time.

Repeatedly angry scandals

Higashide and Anne taking a friendly stroll one year after their marriage

What probably pushed Anne over the edge was the troubles of her ex-husband Masahiro Higashide (34), who announced his divorce in August 2008. A report in Shukan Bunshun (Weekly Bunshun) revealed that Higashide had an affair with actress Erika Karada (24) in January 2008. In October 2009, after the divorce was finalized, Higashide was reported to have invited a half-Japanese beauty in her 20s to a location for a “sleepover” at a hotel in Hiroshima Prefecture.

After the divorce was finalized, Anne raised their three children by herself. Ms. Anne was apparently angered by Mr. Higashide’s repeated scandals. There was a possibility that the children would be subjected to mindless slander and bullying because of Mr. Higashide’s troubles. Even after the divorce, Higashide apparently continued to see his children about once a month, but Anne was not happy about it.

In the YouTube channel introduced at the beginning of this article, the father, Watanabe, says, “I’m about 40% worried, but 60% looking forward to it.

He says that fellow actresses and fans often encourage Anne, who handles childcare and housework on her own, saying, “She’s doing her best,” and “Great! She is often encouraged by fellow actresses and fans who say, “You’re doing a great job! However, Anne doesn’t look so good. Perhaps she doesn’t want people to feel sorry for her.

If she moves to France, there is a good chance that Higashide’s fuss will be forgotten once and for all. In France, she will be able to make a fresh start with a good feeling, saying goodbye to the two years or so of agony she spent there.

Anne’s new life has begun.

In January 2004, the two faded in expression between their common date buying coffee at a convenience store.
Wearing a kimono at a fashion event held at the famous Daikakuji temple in Kyoto, photographed in May 2002.
Also shopping at a common supermarket; photo taken in January 2004.
After greeting the audience on stage, they went straight home to their children, photographed in September 2009.
  • Photographed by Yuri Adachi, Takao Kawakami, Junsei Todoroki

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