Honkkon, although Still Skeptical, Apologizes for Conspiracy Theory on Former PM Abe Shooting | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Honkkon, although Still Skeptical, Apologizes for Conspiracy Theory on Former PM Abe Shooting

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Honkons questioned over former PM Abe’s sudden death. He apologized for the sniper theory, but…

If they don’t find the bullets…right? Can’t you make a case? Shouldn’t he be able to say that the bullet was fired from that gun?

On August 29, TV personality Hong Kong updated her YouTube page. The chief of the Nara Prefectural Police Department has resigned! Chief of the National Police Agency also resigns! The director general of the National Police Agency has also resigned!

Speaking of Hong Kong, he tweeted in support of a conspiracy theory about Tetsuya Yamagami, the suspect arrested in the shooting of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, that a sniper may have targeted him from another building. Later, the original story turned out to be a hoax.

Moreover, when the owner of the building where the sniper was allegedly hiding flirted with legal action, Honkkon immediately apologized repeatedly on Twitter and YouTube. He also revealed that he had called the building management company and apologized directly to them.

However, he mentioned the incident again this time because the head of the Nara Prefectural Police Department, Gen Onizuka, had resigned from his post.

He said, “Is this the end of the story? Is this the end of the story? Is the investigation continuing?”

There’s nothing going on this time. It’s all about the Unification Church, isn’t it? The prime minister was assassinated. The TV has to report it. Why can’t they do that?”

He also expressed his bitterness not only toward the police, but also toward the news media. He also made a complaint against former Director General Onizuka, saying, “The announcement of his resignation [by Mr. Abe] is not good enough”.

It would be good if they moved the announcement of his resignation to the 49th. It’s just common sense.

Even if he resigns, Mr. Abe won’t come back.

He also expressed his dissatisfaction with the resignation. He added, “I want him to solve the problem.”

I want you to solve it, but you haven’t found any bullets, right? Why is that? I’m sure it will come out. I’m sure all kinds of arguments will come up.

He again spoke of the various arguments that would be raised.

Mr. Onizuka is a police officer, so it is his duty to get to the bottom of the matter. I believe that Mr. Onizuka has naturally taken over all the information he knows, and is probably conducting a thorough verification process behind the scenes. Above all, there are many people who think that it is inevitable for him to take responsibility for the death of the former prime minister due to inadequate security and resign from his post.

Although former Prime Minister Abe was shot and assassinated in full view of the public, Honkkon has a theory that it may not be possible to make a case because the bullet allegedly fired by the suspect, Yamagami, has not been found. If some members of the public have such doubts as well as Honkon, will the police be able to present the results of the investigation that will convince them?

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